Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

I sang on Easter Sunday morning at Pleasant View in Crawfordsville, IN. It was an honor to spend the morning there and to be able to share my testimony.
Monday morning Lara and I hopped in the car and started driving to the East Coast to spend a couple days with our family. We are staying just north of Philly until Thursday and then I will be performing for "America Sings" in Washington, D.C. at Constitutional Hall. Then I drive to meet Chapter 6 in North Carolina for a few concerts with them again.
As I type this blog I am looking out into a yard next to the woods and watching four deer eat grass about 20 yards from where I am sitting. Its a really peaceful evening tonight and it's good to have time to rest for a couple days before I get back on tour for a couple weeks.
I don't have a single day off in the next few weeks so this down time is very nice right now. I will drive about 4,000 miles in the next 2 weeks while on tour. see you on the highway!
He is risen!