Saturday, March 28, 2009

back on tour for a bit

This week has been Cancer Awareness week. What an inspiration it has been to meet so many cancer survivors. It started on Thursday morning at FOX promoting my concert and the cancer walk at Wabash. I couldn't believe how many survivors attended both my concert and the Relay. Thanks to all who attended.
Last night at the Relay for Life I had a chance to play the piano and sing two songs as all the cancer survivors kicked off the night with the 2 lap survivor walk. It was a very moving moment for me and an honor to sing for all the survivors and friends and family of all the survivors. Lara and I stayed and met with people for a while and then had to leave shortly thereafter because it got a little crazy. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to walk any laps at the beginning of the ceremony because of pictures and all the handshakes. So, before we went to bed we decided to drive back to the track at about 1:30am and we walked two laps. Not as many people were there at that time and we did our own survivor victory laps in the middle of the night.
In two hours I am back on the road with Chapter 6 for a short tour before Lara and I fly to Mexico for a much needed vacation.
I wish I could do a tour of Relay for Life marathons and sing at different Relay's around the country. It was very inspirational and touching to be a part of that. Glad I could meet so many people who have experienced the sickness and uncertainty that I have. Nice job Crawfordsville for all the support to me and the other survivors.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I am backstage getting ready for a concert tonight at University of Mary Washington in Fredricksburg, VA. Just finished sound check and I also just stuffed my face with food from Noodles. Bangkok Curry Noodles with Tofu and peanut sauce. yum.
We have had 6 concerts in the past 7 nights and this is the last one of this tour. Thanks to all the fans who have showed up this week. Its been really cool to perform for all of you and to meet you all after the shows.
We started this tour in South Carolina and made a couple stops in North Carolina and it ends tonight in Virginia. I wish I had my motorcycle out here on this trip. The weather has been real nice.
My next concert will be with a band on thursday March 26th in Crawfordsville, IN at Crawfordsville High School. The time is 7:30pm and the doors will open at 6:30pm. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago there is no ticket price, but the American Cancer Society will be there to take donations for those interested in helping out.
The morning of the concert I will be joining Jenna Maloney on Indianapolis FOX. We will do a little version of Idol chatter and discuss Wednesday nights Idol show. It should be live around 8:50am. I will also be plugging my show for that night of course.
If you have nothing to do tonight then drive out east and join me at our concert. It starts at 8pm. Later.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tonight I was able to see four of my former Elementary teachers in the same building. Kinda strange. I was reminded by one of them that I have not been blogging as much as I usually do. I felt like I was in trouble for not doing my homework so I thought I should blog tonight.
I have been relaxing this week in Indiana after a long trip in Florida. Thanks to all the staff and producers at the new Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood studios. We enjoyed your hospitality and what a fantastic job you have done on the re-creation of American Idol.
And a big thank you to all the people at First United Methodist Church in Homosassa Springs, FL for bringing me in for a concert last week. Your new building is a real blessing for your community and Lara and I were honored to be part of your opening night. May the Lord continue to bless your church. I will come back to your church as a guest anytime in the dead winter:)
I will be back on the road Saturday with Chapter 6 for a week. We will be touring in South and North Carolina and Virginia. If you live close then be sure to come check us out.
One more quick note....It seems that one of my comments on my profile has been a little misunderstood. I don't think that American idol is a "horrible show." I meant that as a joke. American Idol invested alot of time into me. And, I invested so much of my life on that show and gained so many friends and connections that I thought it would be a little funny if i said "that show is horrible." I guess I will stop trying to be a comedian through my blog. I just really hope Simon Cowell isn't mad at me now.
Easy now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

concert announcement....March 26th

On Thursday, March 26th at the Crawfordsville High School auditorium I will be playing with a band for the evening for the community. This concert is sponsored by Wabash College and it is to celebrate Cancer Awareness week. There will be a cancer awareness walk at Wabash College on the track the following day. The concert on March 26th will be free to the public. This is a first come first serve concert so there will be no reserving tickets in advance. Be sure to get to the venue early that night to reserve your seat for the concert.
I will be featuring some new original material that night that has been written over the past 6 months. Don't miss it!
Lara and I are off to Florida!