Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Check out for the latest updated article on my healt and career. I recently spoke with them about my health and my plans for the future. Although, as I know too well my plans are not always the Lord's plans. So I want to be clear that I am open for the Lord's will.
What is funny is that they made me look like an A-lister celebrity by putting my picture next to Brad Pitt's, Leonardo DeCaprio's and Tom Cruise. I never knew that after going through so much treatment and being sick for so long would actually make someone feel like a celebrity. I guess cancer made me more famous than being on American Idol.
The cool thing is that they didn't fail to mention the new Chapter 6 album. And they dug up some cool pictures of me from the Red Carpet party and found a picture of my wife from the party as well.
Thanks to Jolie and everyone at Access Hollywood for sharing a little bit of my story.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's freezing

It is too cold in the midwest. Last year my wife was peforming in the Rocketts show in Florida and I was traveling back and forth from Los Angeles for Idol. I spent most of the winter last year in summer like conditions in Florida and LA. This weather has got to go.
Radiation has been very simple compared to chemo. It only takes about 3 minutes a day.
I toured with Chapter 6 this weekend and we had alot of fun on stage together. Unfortunately on Sunday I came down with flu like symptoms and had to sit out of the concert that night. I guess my immune system is not at 100% yet. I also spent some time in the hospital getting re-fueled with some fluids.
I have 11 radiation treatments left so I should be finished with everything by New Years Day.
And if the ladies from radiation are reading this.....I am looking forward to my permanent tattoos this week.
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Late night blog

Sitting in my hotel room now in Greenville, OH. Just had a great concert with Chapter 6 tonight for an awesome audience. We performed tonight in an old historical theatre that has been kept up very nicely. Great acoustics.
Last night we performed in Lake Forest, IL and it was great to meet Julie from Chicago who is a faithful blog reader. Great to meet you and your kids Julie!
Hope to see you all at a concert in the future too. Tomorrow night we sing at a theatre in Cambridge, OH and then I head back for more radiation this week while Chapter 6 drives to Pensylvannia for more shows.
It has been a blast singing with the guys again. My favorite shows have always been our Christmas show. We are having great crowds and a lot of fun on stage. It's kinda cool being on stage again.
It's been great to meet Chapter 6 fans and American Idol fans and some that said they even voted for me. But most importantly, I have been blessed to have several cancer survivors come up to me after the shows and talk about their experiences with cancer. I am slowly starting to see one small aspect of why I had cancer. Maybe it was to share my inspiration of fighting this disease with others facing the same disease and fears. And it has been a great way for other survivors to inspire and encourage me.
God's plan is always bigger than our plans. We can't always expect our agenda to meet up with the Lord's. Am I right?
I have to hit the road early in the morning and I should already be in bed. Good night.

Monday, December 1, 2008

yeah, I'm 30

Today I am 30. Sounds kinda strange. Was not sure I was going to make it at times but I am still here.
I am waiting to meet Chapter 6 at our gig location. But they are not able to depart Illinois right now because of the snow.
If you get bored...check out I spoke with them last week and was able to catch up on some info with them. They wrote a nice update article on me and they even posted a few pictures in a photo gallery.
Stay warm today and snuggled up by a fire place. I am hitting the road for my first time on stage tonight as a 30 year old. I hope the kiddies don't look at me as an old man singing now. Hey... it works for James Taylor.