Monday, September 22, 2008

The call

Just got "the call" from my chemo nurse. The unofficial results from the CT scan has showed no sign of cancer. God is good.
I don't know what this means for the remaining chemo/radiation plan. I will know shortly. But know that you are the first to know on the blog. Your prayers have worked. God is good.


CK from MI said...


I came by just to read comments to your other post - and I see this wonderful news!

I'm guessing you'll have some "just in case" rounds of chemo and/or radiation to get to the stray cells, but THANK GOD! That's good news, Luke! I have tears of joy in my eyes.

Huge hugs to you & Lara!!

Anonymous said...

What amazing news! Your strength, positive attitude and faith have worked. I cannot tell you how happy I am for you and Laura. I've been thinking of you all day and hoping the news would be good.

You continue to inspire and I know in the end you will be the winner in this fight!!

Keep the faith and keep in touch -

Your Friend -
Kathy - kathpinaz

Brian and Carrie Saunders said...

Great news Luke! We are rejoicing with you and your family!

Melody said...

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "WOO-HOO!"

Carry said...

I was thinking of you today and praying that all would go well, such wonderful news Luke! Thanks for letting us know!
God bless!

Mazakai said...

God is god. You deserve the best, Luke. You've been so strong.

best wishes. :]

idolette said...

So amazing! I'm so, so happy for you and all of your loved ones and the great news that this brings for all of you. You've been so strong through it all, and look at the wonderful reward you get.

God has a lot in store for you, and I know I'll be eagerly anticipating all that you do in life!

Keep strong, best of wishes, and lots of love!

Carrie said...

Praise God!! I am so happy for you! I will continue to pray for your strength. Keep working on that album, I'm going to be first in line to buy it!!

hiedi said...

Luke and Lara, God is SO GOOD! I will continue praying for a good report on the "official" results. God bless you both.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and your family. I'll go say a prayer of thanks. You've been so strong and so positive. I'm sure that's helped, and its been an inspiration to all sorts of people.

All the best,


S A said...

We are so happy to hear the news. Faith is a wonderful thing. We're all thanking God along with you.

Anonymous said...

Great news!

"Almost" was "All-most"!

I'm waiting next news,which I will translate for people here.

from Just another stranger in Tokyo

risalea said...

Luke, that is great news. God is indeed good!

Anonymous said...

This is NO surprise to me! God is GOOD, and he has some AMAZING plans for you Luke! He is laying your roadway for you to become a successful christian music STAR! You are and will continue to be just an inspiration to me and to all who know and LOVE you!

Love you dog,
Mark "Your favorite cousin" Kohl

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Luke and Lara!!! I don't know what it is like what you are going through, but I have a chronic illness myself and I don't look at each individual step, just the end result. There are going to be ups and downs, but this is a very GOOD UP!!
I remember Lara is part of the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. Any chance you guys or at least Lara is doing the Tulsa gig in December!!
Cheers and love to you both,

Anonymous said...

Luke, that is wonderful news! And I am soo very happy and excited for you! God is good and having faith in Him is what life is all about! Dude, you are a fighter and an inspiration! You deserve all that's good and God bless you and your family! :)

xoxo Tania H

LadyStyx said...

What wonderful news! Yes God is good!

Gwen said...

God is awesome! This is absolutely wonderful news, Luke!

insaneinthesfv said...

SWEET! That is terrific news!

two two said...

Luke, That is Great News!!! I am continually praying for you always. Much Love, Prayers, Success, Love, twotwo

keahgirl8 said...

Praise God! He is good indeed. Thank you for sharing your fantastic news with us. I have tears in my eyes right now. God bless you and your family.

Kelly O'Dell Stanley said...

So glad to hear it! God is good. All the time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you God. Oh Luke this is wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That is so wonderful. I'm still waiting for my words "Cancer Free". I'm so happy for you.

annie said...


krittr517 said...

That is awesome news, Luke!
Consider yourself hugged :)


Anonymous said...

Great news Luke! So happy for you and your family. Take care my friend.


Anonymous said...

PTL! PTL! Our God is an awesome God! Thank you for sharing this blessing with us today. I cannot imagine how happy you must be! I am teaching my Awana girls tomorrow night at East Side Baptist church on prayer, do you mind if I tell them your story?

I will continue to pray for you and for the doctors as they decide what to do next. It's another beautiful day here in C'ville. I think you need to take your bike to Dari Licious and celebrate with your favorite shake!

In Him,
Amy Stribling

Susan said...

Luke, WE all are so very happy for you and your family. Still keeping you in prayer during the final leg of your therapy and during your recovery. Feel blessed to share this journey with you.

Anonymous said...

That is just absolutely wonderful news!!!! I am so happy for you and Lara!!!!

Hugs and kisses to you both!! Thank you for the wondeful greeting card from you and Lara!!

Karen K. (Ohio)

Anonymous said...

OHHHH, Luke. I read this and I'm all, like "Shout to the Lord, all the earth, let us SING."

yeah. I'm expecting you are going to be a lot of THAT in the years to come, my brother.

That stompy noise you here is me doing the happy dance for you here in Chicago. And i see brother Dave's single is dropping today, too, and it's all about having the Light On... and you have that for sure, and that DC's a pretty shiny fella, too, and....

giddy. I am so happy for you, Luke. Praying for wisdom for your med team as they contemplate the next step. please know that i lift up you and those you love, before the throne of our Lord, every day


Elerinwen said...

This fills my heart with joy, Luke. Wonderful, wonderful news!!

I'll continue to pray for you, man.

D said...

Wonderful news! May God continue to bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Praying that the official results match up with those unofficial ones.

Good news, indeed.


Cathy Storms said...

That is wonderful news and yes God is good. I am starting my chemo treatment on Friday (yuk) and just hope I can stay as positive as you have been.

Valerie Leonard said...

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!! What wonderful news!! Don't think for one minute that this means that we'll quit praying for you, because we absolutely won't! I'm so excited for you! Hooray!!

the camp said...

oh happy day!

wow, i have had so many happy stories today, i can hardly stand it, the universe must be in alignment!

it was so nice talking to you the other nite at little mexico. i always love seeing your parents, they always have smiles on their faces and that a great lesson for me. i can see where your optimism comes from.

kelly and bryce

Linda said...

This is the best news. Congratulations, Luke, and I pray no more chemo!

Carianne said...


A W E S O M E news Luke! What a blessing! I am so so happy for you and your family!

Kaitlin said...

That is AWESOME NEWS!! I am so happy for you I don't know what else to say, except for God IS good!

As always, wishing you the very best,

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! That's wonderful news...

Hugs to you and Lara!


Anonymous said...

Hi Luke -
This is great news!! Prayers are being answered. I liked you when I saw you on AI. You stood out to me. I have been reading your blogs and keeping up with your story. You have been an inspiration. Too many people take life and health for granted. I struggle with my own health issues and it is wonderful to hear the positive in your story. God works in mysterious ways.
Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Yippe! Praise be to God for the great things he has done! This will make whatever comes with future rounds of meds all the more tolerable to get through. God is good all the time, All the time God is good!

- Audra Abney

Beth Orchard said...

I've been praying to hear the great news. Thank you for sharing your experience openly. I can't wait to hear your album, I will be first in line!!!

LadybugatUAB said...

God does amazing things. I am so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

THANK G-D!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy, this news has made my day.. may you, your wife, and family be blessed for many happy and healthy years to come :-) your a fighter!

juniemarie said...

Luke, that is fabulous! I'm very happy for you & hope you continue to improve!

juniemarie said...

Luke, that's fabulous! I am very happy for you & hope you continue to improve!

Anonymous said...

God is good all the time!
Continue to stand strong, whatever comes your way.
I saw you and your lovely lady on the motorcyle downtown yesterday. You were visiting w/ some folks walking their dog. I smiled and prayed as I walked by; nice to see you enjoying the moments.
Chad and I were in SC 2 weeks ago seeing our soldier boy. He's doing well and loves it!
Take care
We love you
Chad and Bambi

Anonymous said...

awesome news, luke - there are so many peeps out there who've been praying for you and pulling for you - keep us posted!

Rhiannon said...

What wonderful news! So happy for you and your family! God has big plans for your life, maybe bigger than the ones you had for yourself!

CK from MI said...

Luke, if they haven't modified your treatment plan, then today's Chemo Day - Round 9. But now, you're going into this one with the knowledge of how well the plan is working!

I pray that the treatments continue to do their job! If the official results concur with the prelim, then the main cancer is pretty much gone! You've done it! Now, you may have to mop up and get rid of any stragglers. That finish line is getting closer all the time!

As you've already experienced, any remaining treatments may be rough, but I know that you can handle it! You've shown such strength throughout this and I pray that strength, in both body & spirit, continue for you and your family.

- CK

Anonymous said...

holding you in thought & prayer today, man... don't know if you're doing chemo now, but .... just in case.

drop us a note as soon as you're able, let us know what's shaking so we know better how to pray for your needs and the needs of those you love...

julie, chicago

Anonymous said...

Dear Luke:

I am hoping and praying that you are making it OK through any remaining treatments to get any residual cancer. I'm also praying that the official results match the unofficial ones, and I'm giving thanks to God for the encouraging news and for the strength and grace you've shown in dealing with this.

May God bless you and your family.


Niki Kessler said...

YOU are my hero! Can't wait to read more news! I'm gonna have to get my friends together and we are going to make you a special package...with LOTS of surprises! Love you sweetie! *HUGS*

Nancy said...


That is such great news. I have been out of town this last week and just checked your blog. I am so happy for you.


melliesmom said...

Luke, thank God for answered prayers!!!

I'm reminded of that old hymn:

"Great is Thy faithfulness!
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided
Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord unto me."

Cathy Anne said...

God has put you on the hearts of many. Jason Castro's fanbase has a group of prayer warriors that keep Jason covered in prayer and also pray for you and the others from Season 7. We are thankful that the Lord has touched your heart and your body.
Keep praising Him! He is worthy!
Congratulations on your wonderful news.
Jesus bless!