Friday, October 10, 2008

Ten down...2 to go!

It has been 24 hours since round 10 chemo and I am feeling pretty weak. But I thought I would blog. Chemo was somewhat smooth yesterday. However I can't wait till I don't have to ever see that doctors office again.
The past week was pretty eventful. I went on a 3 day motorcycle trip with my Dad, Uncle Warren and Uncle Mike. We rode to Brown County and we stayed in a cabin for two nights at Nashville, IN. We spent a few days just riding around southern Indian on the back roads. Perfect roads and perfect weather for riding for the most part. All except for the ride home we were stuck in Thunder showers the entire way home from Indianapolis. If you like the woods then check out the cabins at the Brown county state park in Nashville, IN. Pretty good acomodations at an affordable price.
I am now just trying to focus on finishing chemo, regain my strength and then finally move on with my life. I am just waiting.
I recently listened to David Cook's new single "Light On." He told me he wrote this song about me. Just kidding. David didn't even wright to song. It is a great tune be sure to buy it on I tunes.
Also, be sure to check out my wife performing this weekend with the great people of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. She is in the show "Guys and Dolls" and the show runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every show the Symphony puts on is worth any ticket price they charge. The Indianapolis Symphony is truly one of the best. And my wife is a great performer so go check it out.
Have a great weekend!


Ben said...

Hey Luke! I just recently found your blog. I was pulling for you on American Idol. One of the reasons is because I am from Decatur, Illinois. My wife actually went to school at Mt. Zion with your wife. If I remember right, they even rode the same bus. Rebecca Rauch was her maiden name. Anyway, glad to here you are doing better!

idolette said...

So close to the end now, Luke! =] You're a very strong person, and I know it's been a long, bumpy road, but the light's just ahead!

Sounds like you had an awesome time on your trip, here's to many more adventures!

Best of wishes, luck, and lots of love!

Mazakai said...

it's great to hear from you again! I'm sorry you're still having to deal with chemo and all of those effects, but you'll make it through fine. I hope you feel better soon.

it sounds like you had a lot of fun on your motorcycle, too. that would be exciting. and staying in cabins is always fun no matter what.

I wish I could see your wife perform, that would be very cool, too. I hope you guys are doing well, and I can't wait to hear some music from you!

best wishes. :]

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're doing well Luke! I'll definitely be seeing Lara perform this weekend-I've poked my head into a few rehearsals this week and it's a great show. Thanks for your kind words about the ISO!
Joe Peacock
Director of Individual Gifts, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Susan said...

Hi Luke, Glad to hear from you again. I was beginning to worry about you. Yes, the Nashville and Brown County area is truly beautiful this time of year. So glad you got a little fall trip in before winter, just around the corner. 2 more!! Such a small number!!!!

CK from MI said...

Hey look! Is that a finish line up ahead? You're almost done with the Chemo Marathon, Luke, and you're doing fantastic. After this, the radiation will be like a fast sprint! We'll be supporting you all the way!

I was thinking about Lara when I saw the Rockettes performing on Dancing with the Stars last Tuesday. Was she part of that group that performed? Based on the pictures you've posted, I thought I saw someone that looked like her, but I wasn't sure. I've always loved the Rockettes. They're fantastic.

I can also recommend David Cook's single! It's really good and I'm looking forward to his upcoming CD, as well as your new music & Chapter 6's next CD. (Gotta save my money!)

Glad you were able to get in some riding before the weather changes. Autumn in the Midwest is great, isn't it?

Hope you have a nice quiet restful weekend.

- CK

Carry said...

Hey Luke, I was wondering how it was going. Still praying and still rejoicing the chemo will end in a few weeks. I love David Cook's single too, it's great. Take care and God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Bless you Luke, I'm praying for your strength to get through this.

Kaitlin said...

Almost at the end now! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling 100% today. But the end is in sight and then you can put this all behind you!

Just remember you can always be moving on with your life - even while finishing up chemo. You just can't get past the chemo just yet (although very soon). Life keeps going so you need to grab it by the horns and go along for the ride and enjoy it - even when road blocks get in the way, you need to find a way around them - and you seem to be doing an amazing job with that from what I can tell by your blog!

Sounds like you had a great motorcycle trip! I'd love to check out IN some day.

David Cook's single is great!! I bought it on iTunes the day it came out! Now I'm looking forward to hearing some of your stuff!

Hope you have a great weekend too!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're almost through this challenge, Luke. God is good! Your motorcycle trip sounded fun, thanks for sharing with us!
Hope you feel better from this round soon, and that Lara has a great performance this weekend.

Blessings and prayers,
Jen S

PS I'll agree with you and all the others that DC's new song is fantastic...

twotwo said...

Dear Luke, I'm sorry you feel weak now from your chemo treatment, and are now regaining your strength and endurance as you go on. That motorcycle trip seemed awesome! I wish I could see your wife perform as well! I am looking forward to hearing your music soon too Luke as you move ahead in your life. David Cook has another single great I have to hear it. I love that song the time of my life he sings and I sing along with him. Much Love, Prayers, Strength, Success, Endurance, to dear Luke, as well as Lara family and friends always. Love, twotwo

Anonymous said...

Hey Luke, you're right about "light on" -- we're leaving one on for you too. Don't worry that you're "just waiting" -- because you're not "just waiting." You're fighting. And you're growing. And God's making you what He means you to be, so you can do the work He made you to do. Can't wait to see it all unfold in your life. Take care, and thanks for keeping us posted here!
julie, chicago

Nancy said...

Hi Luke,
It must be so hard, the treatments that is. Just two more? Does that mean you will be done by the holiday's. That will be the best Christmas present yet won't it. Do you need anything? Just give a shout if you do.


Kelly O'Dell Stanley said...

Luke, we know that with God we will be victorious, but someone told me the other day that not only will we get to the finish line (of whatever trial we are in), but that God is standing there, on His feet, cheering us on, absolutely believing in us as much as we believe in Him. He wants us to get through this as badly as we want to. You're well on your way, and I praise God for the healing He's effecting in your life. And for all the people who are praying you through this journey. I learned something this weekend when I attended a Walk to Emmaus - Jesus didn't approach His ministry alone. He surrounded Himself with support and didn't hesitate to ask people to help. He could have done it all by Himself, but He didn't. This teaching reminded me that as my mom goes through her cancer treatment, not only do we have the Lord beside us, we also are surrounded by those who can be the hands and feet of God, those who can show us His beautiful face. I think the love we're surrounded with is part of the "life, and that more abundantly" that He promises us.

So rest up, sit back and soak in the abundance of love the Lord has sent your way. It's evident through the comments left on this blog and the number of people who show up in support across this town. God is good :-).

annie said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time with your family on the ride/camping and that you're over another round of chemo.

Gotta agree with your music tastes, too. But, what kind of friend makes you wait to hear his tune with the rest of us little people? ;)

Take care.

the camp said...


so close luke, keep up that shining
attitude of yours and it will soon
be done.

i got such a kick out of the squealing chicklets at homecoming.
i swear i was looking for a pair of ear plugs. you really are a rock star!


TaraJean said...


Haven't gotten a chance to comment you til now, but have been following you since the beginning of your blog. Sooo happy to hear that you're beating this thing! Prayers continue to come your way! Keep your chin up - the Grand Canyon's calling you! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Luke glad to hear you are doing well! Keep faith and stay strong!
In Christ,
Teresa in Iowa

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!! I just read your last 3 blogs and saw all the great news...I am so happy and relieved for you!! I will continue to pray for you and you family during this last stretch but I know that nothing can stop you now...the Grand Canyon is nothing after what you have overcome!!! Take care-Myty

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that you have a new prayer team. It is the prayer team from all of the runners who passed me while I was running the marathon for YOU! The one positive about me running slow was that everyone that passed me read the back of my shirt, which had your name on it! Each runner would say " Please tell Luke that we will be praying for him!" It gave me chills as I ran the race!
You are in the final round of your chemo fight! And you are a true champion! Keep the fight! And the FAITH! God has HUGE plans for you!
Gods Speed,
Mark "your favorite cousin" Kohl

Anonymous said...

Hey, Luke, just passing through -- reminding you we're out here holding you up in our prayers every day -- cheering on your good strong cells and denouncing any bad ones that are left, lol. Have a good week, or as good as possible for chemo week, and -- no worries, it's the home stretch now! Keep shining.... may God bless and strengthen you and show you his plan for your life as it unfolds...

julie, chicago

Linda said...

Just stopped by to say hello. I am praying very hard for you, Luke, that you will be completely healed and cancer is just something in your past. God bless you!