Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas tour

After begging and bothering Chapter 6.....they have agreed to let me tour with them during their Christmas tour in December. I am still not sure if I will be able to attend every concert because of my radiation schedule. But the guys have been gracious enough to work around my schedule and let a cancer patient tour with them on the road. I told Chapter 6 I didn't lose my hair from chemo so I think that helped my chances.
Once the radiation schedule is set then I will know excatly which concerts I will perform at.
My radiologist oncologist has confirmed to me that I should have enough energy to perform a few gigs while I am going through radiaition.
If you want to spend an evening with Chapter 6 Christmas style then check out for touring schedules. Hope to see you all at a concert in December.


Mazakai said...

awesome! I hope you have a blast and I hope you come to CA!

no fun that you had to beg to be let into the touring, though. :( but of course your hair is pretty cool, so that's that.

idolette said...

I'll admit I had to laugh at the comment about your hair. But you DO have great hair, so that should be an incentive for anyone to let you go on tour with them. =P

It's great that you'll be able to be out with the guys, though. I'd love to see you all perform sometime, your music is so cool. =]

Best of everything!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you are feeling well enough to make any of these gigs. You are an inspiration! I, and many others, are still praying for you. So, hang in there.


CK from MI said...

YAY! I'm glad you'll be able to join C6 for some of the Christmas shows. (Somehow, I doubt there was too much begging needed.) I don't see any Michigan dates, so I just may have to take a field trip. I recently got the Christmas CD in the mail and, breaking my long-standing vow to not listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, have listened to it. It's very good! If these songs are in the show, it'll be a fantastic evening of music.

By the way, congrats to the Pufalls on the birth of their son!

- CK

hiedi said...

That's wonderful Luke! I'm sure it will work wonders for your spirits to get out there and do what you love after this long process. I may have to go to a show... if only to see that hair ;-)
Continuing to pray,

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm sure there was a lot of arm twisting involved! HA HA. Hair or no hair, it'll be good to see you back on stage where you belong! We've missed you & I'm sure the guys have too. I'm hoping to get to one of the Ohio shows.

Hope the doc is right in that the rads won't cause too much fatigue. Just see if the guys will let you nap in the van before the gigs. :) Don't know where they'll be "shooting" ya, but if you get the sore throats - go for the "Magic Mouthwash". I've heard that it does help! (Ask your doc about that!)

LongTime C6 Fan!

Kaitlin said...

That is awesome, Luke! I will definitely be checking out Chapter 6's tour schedule!

I hope you are doing well,

Anonymous said...

I just spoke w/ your mom yesterday.
Jordan will be home for a furlough sometime in December. We would love to bring him to a concert, we'll be watching for dates that are close.
hugs and blessings
Zeph. 3:17
Chad & Bambi

Anonymous said...

Hey, man, that's great news... lake forest IL is on the tour, that's not so far from chi... so maybe our paths will cross. And it's great that you have this to look forward to... movin' on.

All the best for tomorrow -- sending the bigtime prayers and positive vibes your way for the LAST chemo. You never walk alone, that's for sure. The One who made you to sing your song is still in control. Be at peace. All will be well.

julie, chicago

CK from MI said...

Congratulations Luke!

Chemo Round 12 tomorrow. You did it, man! You've made it!

We're continuing to pray that the treatments are doing their job, and for continued strength - in both body & spirit - for you & your family.

This last one's bound to be rough, but that finish line is straight ahead and ready for you to break the tape! :-)

- CK

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Glad to hear you'll be touring with C6 again, although I'm bummed you won't be in my area.

Congratulations on making it to the end of the chemo. You are an inspiration to many.

God is good!

Carry said...

Hey Luke, that's great you can do some of the shows with them! And you have nice looking hair :) I'll have to check out and see if Chapter 6 will be in Iowa or not. God bless you Luke!

Anonymous said...

hope you'll be feeling better each day; i expect you're still wiped from Thursday; but we're all standing with you, man. And PTL, that chemo thing is OVER. And next month you can go out and SING. And the radiation will probably, comparatively, be a walk in the park. (I said "comparatively" because i'm sure it will pose its onw challenges.)

Looking forward to your career updates... Chapter 6, Nashville, solo album??? (drums fingernails on desk in impatience...)

Take care, Luke. You remain in my daily prayers. Vaya con Dios. I wish you peace, strength, and hope for the future.

julie, chicago

Carianne said...

I am so glad you do not have to entirely miss the Christmas tour! It sounds like a great experience, and I'm glad you're feeling well enough to do it!

Anonymous said...

So glad you will be touring with Chapter 6. I continue to pray for your full recovery. You and your wife are inspirations!! Take Care and God Bless-Myty

Susan said...

Hi luke, glad to hear you will be out touring some. I would like to attend one of the shows where you will be, so let us know the schedule. I think you were kidding when you said you had to beg. I think they have probably been wanting you to do some shows with them (for sure). Sie

annie said...

Hope they didn't make you beg too much ;)

It's great to hear that you'll be performing again real soon.

Sarah said...

Hi Luke.

I hope you're feeling better.

Good luck on the Christmas tour. You'll do great.

You said in a previous blog that your life will be a little boring after you're done with chemo and this blog was a just a little "getaway-from-it-all" type thing.

Don't you have an album coming out soon or is it in the near future?
I can't wait to hear it.

Your GA fan,
Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

hey, luke, just a shout out from chi town.... drop in here sometime soon and let us know how you're feeling.... also updates on which of the C6 concerts you think you're gonna make....

still praying daily for your complete healing, strength and peace...

julie, chicago

CK from MI said...

Hi Luke. Hope you're having a good "break" before the radiation treatments start.

Looking forward to hearing about (and hopefully attending) some of the upcoming Christmas shows.

You, Lara, & your families are still in our prayers.

- CK