Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Hot!

Just got back from Orlando, FL with Lara for a concert I had in Winter Garden, FL. I had a chance to meet and perform with the band called Adam's Road. A great group of young men who are also touring non-stop. Their tour bus is out of this world. I had a chance to sing with my guitar for about 30 minutes and then performed a short set with Adam's Road to finish up the concert. Thanks to all who came to the concert and supported the American Cancer Society in the Orlando area.
Today I am off to Illinois for a rehearsal with my music director for my California concert Sunday night. Thursday night I am with Chapter 6 in Lakeside, OH, Friday night with Chapter 6 at Crawfordsville High school at 7pm, Saturday night at Williamsville, IL at 8pm and then I fly to Mt. Shasta, CA on Sunday morning for a 7pm concert that night at College of the Siskiyous. After Sunday night I am going to try to catch my breath for a bit before the madness starts up again. If I see any Starbucks between Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and any airports I will travel through then I will be surviving off of them for the week just to stay awake.
I just swam 1k yards and ran a mile in the scorching sun. During each stroke in the pool and each stride as I ran I couldn't help but think that one year ago from today I was in round 2 of chemo. It feels so good to have somewhat of a normal summer now.
If you live in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana or California....I better see you at one of my concerts this week. Back on tour in 30 minutes.
Easy now.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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CK from (hot) MI said...

Yeah, it's pretty hot here too. Stick to the swimming & leave the running until it cools off a bit. Still, I'll take this over winter weather, but wouldn't want it year round.

Just reading your schedule makes me tired! So glad that you're feeling healthy enough to tackle it. I see my area is not on that list of cities, so I'm off the hook for now (heh). However, I see from the C6 schedule that you'll be here in November for the 70s shows. Just seeing the costumes would be worth the price of admission. :-)

Safe travels!

- CK

Anonymous said...

PHewwww. What a schedule. Take a breath every now and then.
Isa. 40:31 comes to mind as I read your blogs. Keep waiting and more strength will come.
Give yourself and your lovely lady a hug for me. Take care of each other.
Yes, I'll be at the concert tonight.
hugs and blessings

Luke said...
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Anonymous said...

BIG HUGS and bravos!!
The concert was fabulous.
Chapter 6 once again gave us a wonderful evening. THANKS
I so loved the duet, thank you. I hope to hear more.
I was able to get CD's and a DVD finally. I'm not one to stand in the throngs in line. I can't wait til Jordan gets home in a few weeks so he can watch the DVD.
Take care of one another.
Permanent.....it can exist.
hugs and blessings

Annie said...

Good to see you've been keeping busy and enjoying your summer.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. I'm a deficient fangirl. Did not look for blog for a whole week. (Had a lot of stuff going on, alas, long story.) Hope you're safely back from Cali and that all went well. Need to see some youtubage of you with that guitar, man....

Keep moving forward.

vaya con dios, my prayers, pax


Anonymous said...

Saw a great article on you in the Journal Review. I think you're being very wise concerning the music industry. Even the indie labels are dropping artists. Good to stick with what you have (because you love it) and do the other stuff on the side. Heck, even Mick & Keith do solo work every now & then.

By the way, all the cancer benefit stuff you're doing is very very cool. On behalf of my grandparents who both had cancer - thanks man.


Carry said...

Hi Luke, yeah, we had hot weather in Iowa before we left for vacation, got back a couple days ago and went through Ohio and Indiana and stopped near Crawfordsville, thought of you. Hope someday you'll stop in Iowa, God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sending Hugs and Blessings.
Psalm 118:1-2

Chad & Bambi

Anonymous said...

just commemorating the one-month anniversary of the last post :-)


hope the cruise is going beautifully and there have been no triangles, only rectangles and hexagons and such.....


Anonymous said...

Just saw your performance on the cruise and it was one of the highlights of our week! You are an inspiration! May God continue to bless you and everyone you touch through your music!

Rudy said...

Vaya con dios Luke and Jesus Bless You