Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thanks to the bat

I woke up this morning at 4am to the sound of something strange. I opened my eyes and saw a shadow of something moving quickly through the air in the dark. Because of no light I did my best to focus on this strange figure flying through the air. Was it a moth? No, it's too big to be a moth. I started to sit up in the bed and then realized this fast flying creature was a bat! I pulled the covers over my head and woke up my wife to tell her there was a bat flying above our heads. She remained very calm and we then laid under the covers for another 5 minutes and discussed a plan. I said, "The only way out of here is to keep the covers over our heads...slowly roll off the bed and then crawl on our hands and knees out the door and then close the door to trap it behind us."
As we were crawling under the covers on the floor we busted out in laughter because of how funny this would have looked if someone had walked in.
Unfortunately, we still haven't found the bat. But, I would like to thank the bat for taking my mind off of cancer for a few short moments and allowing me to act like Indiana Jones in front of my wife.


CK in MI said...

If it were me, there would have been a blood-curdling scream that would have woken up the neighborhood! :)

Luke, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You've got such a great spirit and I hope that you're finding this to be therapeutic.

Still, I'm giggling over the visual of both of you crawling out of your bedroom to escape wayward bats. :)

Carry said...

Hey Luke, for a couple years during the fall(thankfully not last year) we had a bat flying in our house too, scared me a little bit as they fly pretty quick. I should clarify, for those 2 years, they were different bats flying here, not the same one, lol. One we killed, one I got out somehow out of the door. I will never be a bat fan, but glad it could give you some laughter. You have such a great attitude!

KT said...

We've had quite a few bats in out house. They are very hard to catch. One time, we knocked the bat down with a pair of pants, and then once it was on the floor we put the wash basket over it, slid a big piece of cardboard under the wash basket, then opened the window and carried the wash basket with the board under it to the window to let it out. However, that's probably not the best thing to do if you don't want to hurt it.

Once we managed to catch one in a plastic bag and then let it outside...I'm not sure how we managed that though!

Maybe that will help a little or give you an idea.

Once I saw one during the day and it was hanging high up on the blinds in the one room.

It might be easier to catch in the day since they are might be hanging from something in the room. Then maybe you can catch it in something and let it go.

I'm glad you got a little laugh out of it and happed the opportunity of looking like Indiana Jones in front of your wife! :-)

If you're still having trouble getting the bat out, you might want to check out this site it has some tips.

Wishing you the best!

Lindsay said...

WOW! I must say I am laughing pretty hard visualizing you and Lara on the floor, crawling along to avoid the bat. I hope you don't have nightmares from it Luke as I know bats are one of your fears! But at least like you said it got your mind off of everything else and you were able to see the humor in one of your fears. Hope to see you soon! Linds (aka your sister-in-law)

amp said...

Hi Luke,

My parents have had bats from time to time and they found out that if you just catch it and let it out it seems to come back in the next night. They would use a fish net or something.

We have been praying for you and know that God is going to heal you completely. It ishard not to keep thinging about the cancer. My sister is a cancer survivor and we feel very blessed. We did a count down just like you are with the treatments and they were done before we knew it.

You have a great spirit about you, keep that up. We will be praying for you here in Crawfordsville. :o)

Anonymous said...

I am laughing at the imagined site of two human forms under a sheet crawling on the floor. I think I even hear the "Indiana Jones" theme music playing in the back ground.
That is too funny Luke, too funny.

Jamie said...

When I heard you were diagnosed with hodgkins it broke my heart. I was diagnosed 10 years ago at 26 years old. I am from Linden. Im sure you know where that is. If you've been to Lafayette you've been through it. Anyway I just wanted you to know that there is alot of people praying for you!! Blessing, Jamie

Susan said...

Bats bite/bats have rabies. Call animal control and then go to a nice hotel for the night. Funny story though. But, really thanks for the sunset story though. I forget sometimes.

Anonymous said...


NeciFiX said...

Hehe. A bat in the house? How'd that happen! I would've thrown stuff at it.

But, always remember, Luke, bats use sonar. When you move to get away from one, that's when they'll hit ya! Haha.

I hope you have a great day and get well!

Much happiness,


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it felt like Indiana Jones, but looked more like Tommy Boy. I got dibs!!! haha Glad to hear life is filling your moments with laughter during all of this. Miss and am praying for you friend.
C Macy

Mary Jo Meyer said...

Sometimes it takes crazy to keep us sane! Glad to hear you could laugh at the bat.

Holly said...

That is a very funny story!! I am so sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis, just learned about it today. My daughter, Megan, is in Les Femmes at Mt Zion High School and said that your wife had helped them several times and how nice she was. You will be in our prayers!!

Holly Markwell

Sarah said...

Luke, that was one funny story.

If that was me, I would be screaming and the whole state of GA would hear me! LOL
Thankfully I haven't seen bats up close and personal, but they remind of spiders but with wings. :)
I have just seen them (bats) on TV.

The visual of both you and Lara is really not that hard to imagine!
It sounds like a scene out of a movie or something.....but don't take it personal.

You were great on American Idol and I can't wait to hear new music from you. You are a wonderful singer and a great role model.
See God had a wonderful plan/purpose for you and look where it has taken you.

Take care and feel better.

A G.A. (Georgia) fan,

Sarah :)

Carianne said...

OH MY GOSH!! A BAT?! IN YOUR HOUSE?! Holy cow! I don't think I'd be able to sleep again! Did you ever locate it and get rid of it yet?

haha I'm gonna have nightmares now :p

Ted & Shana said...

LUKE!!! OH MY GOSH THAT'S FUNNY!!!! I think my wife would say..."I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE UNTIL YOU TAKE CARE OF THAT BAT!!!" :o) ha ha Thanks for the laugh bro.


Anonymous said...

Luke, sorry for laughing at you, but visualizing you two crawling out of the room under the cover is just too hysterical!

I was the official "bat catcher" in my dorm at college (I refused to let the other gals harm a creature that ate the local mosquitoes!), a butterfly net and a big piece of cardboard that fit over the net opening always did the trick. Unfortunately, I live at the wrong end of the state to come and rescue you! In all honesty, the bat isn't likely to hurt you, but you do need to get it out of there, for your sanity and for its' sake! Call animal control, they'll take care of it safely...

Thanks for the giggle.

#1 from AR said...

As a resident of Arkansas, I can attest to a positive feature of having bats. They DO eat mosquitoes :)

I love reading your blog and want you to know that you, Lara, and all of your family are in my prayers.

Keep that positive spirit !!!

LT said...


I grew up in C'Ville with the occasional bat in our old victorian house sneaking in from the attic.

So just put a badminton racquet under your bed and sleep well!

Hope you are getting through this okay. Just think of all the lives you have touched and what a difference you can make in this world by telling your story.

Take Care,


Carianne said...

I was right: bats were in my dream last night! haha

Running with Scalpels said...

*laughs* Oh the image you have conjured in my mind! Thank the bat indeed!


Love and best wishes,
Kavidha N. Malaysia.

Melody said...

Hey there. I guess I've been designated as your official "Dreadhead Liaison" over at Jason Castro's fan site, I've been asked to keep everyone there updated, so I thought I'd just ask if you and/or Lara have any specific prayer requests that you'd like us to pray for you, just email me and let me know, and I'll pass it along to the dreadheads. If there is anything else you need, please let me know that as well. These guys are amazing and I know that several have sent gas cards already!

They want to help and to bless you both. Just let me know what you need or want!

Melody said...

Oh, and with regard to the bat in the bedroom...I'd be looking for a new house if it were me! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke,

I think your bat came over here to Greenacres and perched himself on our house Thursday night. We killed him for you;) We are praying for you every day.

The Saunders Family

Anonymous said...

That is too funny!!! I am glad you and your wife made it out okay! Bats freak me out!-MyTy

Anonymous said...

We have occasionally had a bat in our house. We keep an old tennis racket and fishing net under the bed for such occasions. We have also had many amusing moments with our nocturnal friends. I tease my husband that it is like an episode of "Scooby Doo". We spend the first part being afraid and the second part amusingly taking care of the problem. TIP OF THE DAY: local exterminators also take care of bats!

Hannah in IL said...

Luke, each time I come to your blog I find something that makes me laugh and something that touches me.
It is truly amazing that despite what you are going through, you can still find it in yourself to make other's day.
I hope that you continue to enjoy the silly moments in life such as these.
I want to let you know that you are on my prayer list, and I know you can get through this.
Hi to all the other Chapter 6 members!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I am so laughing.
We have had a few rounds w/ those creatures too. You should have seen Jordan w/ski mask, tennis racket and a can of raid.
take care
hugs and blessings
the Garretts