Friday, January 23, 2009

back home

Just arrived home from the latest tour with Chapter 6. I will be home for 2 days until I drive to Nashville for a week. It will be great to be there again and I am hoping to start where I left off when I was in the middle of chemo. September was the last time I was able to drive there. I postponed most of my trips at the end of the year so I could rest up and recover from treatments. My work outs are back at full force and my energy is slowly coming back to normal. After our concert last night it was great to meet a young lady who had just finished chemo. What an amazing connection the Lord has provided me to connect with other cancer survivors. I think she was more of an inspiration to me than she knew. As soon as I walked on stage it took no longer than 5 seconds for me to spot her as a recent cancer patient. She had the biggest smile the entire concert. She knew as well as I did how to enjoy every breath. Can't wait to meet others at future gigs.


idolette said...

Hope that you have a great time in Nashville! I'm sure you'll fall right back into the swing of things.

I hope that your touring with Chapter 6 was a blast, and it's so good that you can find people like that to inspire you and connect with.

Best of wishes!

CK from MI said...

So glad to hear that your recovery is going well & you're back to performing. :-)

Over the years I've known many people who have been through serious illnesses. They've come out of it with a greater appreciation for life & they're less likely to take things for granted. (Heck of a way to learn that lesson, though!) Through them, I understand the "connection" comment you made as you definitely have a shared experience that the rest of us can only imagine. I'm also glad that you've made contact with other cancer patients while on tour & I'm sure that the inspiration goes both ways.

I hope you have a safe, fun, & productive week in Nashville.

- CK

Karen said...

I'm so glad to hear your recovery is going so well Luke and that you are getting back into a normal routine:)

Karen Keener

Mazakai said...

have a great time at home, and do big things in Nashville!

I'm sure you'll continue meeting more people that you inspire, and who inspire you. have fun. :)

The Saunders Family said...

It was good to see you at the game. Sorry if my daughter and her friends harass you. I told her that she doesn't have to get your autograph EVERY time she sees you. Hope you continue to do well:)

Anonymous said...

Got tix to the saturday show in Linconshire.... I know you might not be there... we're all big C6 fans, so it's good either way. (Only... better with you, kwim?)

carry on, hope Nashville is even better than you dreamed. may your experiences provide inspiration for some great music!

still praying, amigo --

julie, chicago

Eva said...

Luke, you are a beautiful human being. Your positivity is infectious.

Best of wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Luke, YOU ROCK... and you are a witness to us all! To watch you go thru all of your treatments with such strong faith, and living strong! Wow... I am so glad that you are back singing and witnessing to people with and without cancer! God has some bing plans for you brother... keep dreaming and keep singing! ;o)
Mark Your Favorite cousin Kohl