Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In Nashville

I am sitting in a coffee shop with Lara right now in Franklin, TN. We are both typing away on our laptops. Just finished a couple meetings here and co-wrote most of the day today with Jamie Moore and Sam Mizel. Sam used to tour with Matthew West in his band. Sam is an incredible writer who comes up with inspiring ideas super quick. I have written with Jamie a couple times before and just found out that Jamie is a Dove Award winner and a Grammy Nominated writer for the song "Made to Love" that is recorded and co-written with Toby Mac and Aarron Rice. I asked Jamie today why he never told me before about these awards and he looked away with a smile and said..."Grammy and Dove awards mean nothing......you still have to come into work the next morning." What a lesson that was for me about humility.
The rest of the week is booking up quick. I will be traveling around the town with my manager Phil and meeting with Word publishing, a record label and an agent. And we will squeeze in time to record the demo version of the song that Jamie, Sam and I started today.
What a great feeling to be alive and healthy enough to do these things on a daily basis. It truly is a blessing to feel healthy and everything that happens from here on out is icing on the cake. It is difficult to take life for granted these days.
I will try to include videos for you in the future of some of our time in the studio. I am gonna try to bring in a video camera in the studio so that you can see some of the writers I am working with and introduce you to some of the people I have been hanging out with in Nashville. Stay tuned. I hope to be more interactive with you in the coming days and weeks now that I am not stuck to the couch in between treatments playing XBox. As much fun as that was..... Its time to get out and do work!
Lets Do Work!
The Lord is good.


Susan said...

Hi Luke, So things are looking up. Time to move on and find out what the Lord has in store for you. Are you thawed out yet, I mean Indiana has been below freezing for two months now and i bet Nashville is much better. Thanks for keeping in touch.

idolette said...

Hey Luke!

Videos would be awesome, I love seeing behind the scenes of everything, that's always so cool.

I hope you're having a great time!

Best of everything.

CK from MI said...

Glad you got to Nashville safe. I've been hearing about the ice storms out that way.

Happy to see that you're feeling good and are ready to get "back to work". That's fantastic! I hope all of your meetings go well this week and I'm looking forward to seeing any pictures or videos that you can share with us.

- CK

pecanpie said...


Just to hear you talk about feeling so healthy puts a huge smile on my face. The scary part is that you seemed to be such a fireball of energy even while you were still on treatment, I can't imagine what you must be like now that you've got your strength back. Poor Jamie and Sam - you must be wearing them out! And you've got that humility thing backwards. Sure, the Grammy and the Dove are admirable, but that's nothing compared to the battle you have endured and the grace and courage you have displayed throughout. It takes a truly generous person to share such a personal and difficult experience; watching you rebound so quickly and dive right into a new project is a the real lesson in humility that you have given all of us. Take care Luke, I'm looking forward to your behind-the-scenes videos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke and Lara! Hope you enjoy your time here in Nashville. Drive safely in the rain. Thanks for keeping in touch, your blogs definately serve as a reminder that every second is precious!

Hermitage, TN

Karen said...

I'm so glad 2008 is behind you and you're back to doing what makes you happy and keeping a smile on your face!!!!

Karen Keener

Mazakai said...

ahhhhh so excited for your music. and videos, too!

I hope you're having a blast. :)

good luck in your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Hey Luke!

Good luck with your meetings this week. The music biz is getting rough, so don't let the suits get you down. HAHA

Be careful with posting videos, man. As you know, once something gets posted on the internet, especially on public blogs like this one, there's noooo taking it back if it has spread! (I know this from experience! Girlfriend is still mad at me.)

Glad to see you're feeling better. I've seen you & Chapter 6 perform a few times! Great shows!

- Neil

Anonymous said...

Oh man - that didn't come out quite right. HAHA. Girlfriend just didn't want her pretty face out on the internet. It wasn't anything bad. HAHA.

Again, hope the meetings & demos are going well, Luke. Safe travels back to Indiana.


Anonymous said...

Luke -- such a great concert last night in Lincolnshire. It was lovely to see you looking so healthy, and everybody sounded wonderful. The arrangement of "Sweet Spirit" was especially moving, and I loved the onstage "girls'" reaction to the love song... so funny... And I found out we have a mutual acquaintance in Derek S, which was a big surprise (we sing in the same church choir). Small world.....

Hope your week is productive and fun. Keep the faith!

julie, chicago