Monday, February 23, 2009


I know I haven't blogged in a while and many of you have reminded me about it every day. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.
I spent a couple weeks on the road with Chapter 6 and I spent all of last week in Nashville working on some "things."
I have most of this week off before I hit the road and the airways next week.
Today was a fun day on the set with E! Entertainment. E! is the show that Ryan Seacrest hosts and it is usually on in the evenings depending on where you live in the country. I have been asked by the producer not to give details on the show but my episode will air in early May. I will keep you updated on here when I know more specifics.
Next week Lara and I will be flying to Orlando and we will be speical guests at Disney World for the new American Idol attraction that just openned last week. The day that we visit the attraction happens to be Lara's birthday so it works perfectly. I have been told that the new attraction is an exact replica of the Idol stage from Hollywood. There are seven shows that are held per day at Disney with a live studio audience and then a finale at the end of each day. The winner of each show is given an audition at next years Idol and does not have to wait in line. Maybe they will even let me be a judge for the day.
I am planning on a relaxing week before we get back on the road next week for a very busy schedule. I will try to blog from Disney if they have free wireless from our resort.
peace out.


idolette said...

Hey Luke, glad to see an update!

I watch E! News almost every night, so it'll be interesting to see you on that channel. E!'s actually on my TV right now. =]

That's awesome about Disney, too! I hope you guys have a blast!

Mazakai said...

I think it would be cool if they let all the Disney princesses be judges. and the Beast to take the place of... well, nevermind.

I hope you guys have fun! and happy early birthday to Lara!

Anonymous said...

ENJOY and continue to rest.
"He that waits upon the Lord will renew their strength....."
Isa. 40:31
Happy Birthday Lara!!!
Take care
hugs and blessings
Chad and Bambi

Susan C. said...

Hi Luke, Fun and exciting things happening. So happy for you.

Anonymous said...

i'm smiling thinking of you at E!.... and recording/writing in Music City....and going down to MouseWorld to do that Idol thang.

Taste every moment, brother. You've definitely earned it, and you know a bunch of us are gonna be out here cheering you on, long-term, wherever the road and the Lord lead.

vaya con dios.... be safe, be strong, be happy. I do not fail to remember you in my prayers :-)

julie, chi

CK from MI said...

An early Happy Birthday to Lara. Have fun at the Magic Kingdom. It's a great place to spend a birthday!

You're one busy fella, Luke! Looking forward to seeing the E! show and hearing whatever "things" come out from Nashville. Hope the Chapter 6 shows are going well. Love the video with you guys & Kyle Cease from the NACA Convention. (The C6 site gives a link to it on YouTube.)

Speaking of which, please relay a message to whoever runs the Chapter 6 website that the pictures recently added remain thumbnail size when you try to open them.

So, rest up this week! Wishing you all safe travels when you get back on the road. Have fun! Hopefully, we're done with the snowstorms!

- CK

pecanpie said...

Hey Luke, Great to hear about your latest adventures. So you're all set for the opportunity to be an idol judge, dawg? That sounds like it would be super cool. Don't forget to take advantage of the character breakfasts and take Lara to Cinderella's castle for her B-day. Now that you've hit the big 3-0, after all, it's important to engage in more serious grown-up endeavors ;). Give Tigger a kiss for me. TTFN

Anonymous said...

On the Flip Side.

Kristi Mantoni said...

Be sure to take lots of pictures! Have fun!

twotwoami said...

Dear Luke, Hello ...that Disney World american idol attraction sounds so cool and for you and Lara to be a part of it... is so Fantastic. Happy Birthday to Lara. I will be looking forward to seeing you On E let us know when you are on in May. All the best to you with Chapter 6 and in Nashville. As Always, Lots of Love, Success, Strength, Wisdom of the Lord, and my constant prayers for you Always...Love, twotwo

Carry said...

Hi Luke, that is so cool what you're going to do, I hope you guys have a lot of fun and a happy early birthday to Lara! Take care and have a great rest of the week and weekend.

Karl said...


It's hard to believe that you're the kid I grew up with. Keep doing what it is you're doing. My family and I are very proud of you.

Peace and Chicken Greese,
Karl Wagner

Anonymous said...

Luke, God is good! Please tell Mickey I said HI! Enjoy enjoy the magical experience of Disney! I hope you and Lara have a great time!
Mark Your Favorite Cousin Kohl