Monday, February 2, 2009

Off the road and resting

Good to be home for a few days. We had a great and very productive week in Nashville. Great meetings and great people down there. My manager Phil demanded that I set up a face book account. I tried to avoid it as long as I could but there was not much I could do. So, I now have a face book account that I am having trouble keeping up with. If you are on face book then face book me! I guess that is the new saying.....Face book me!
Thursday I have my first check up with my oncologist post chemo. Friday I hit the road with Chapter 6 for about a week and a half and then it's back to Nashville after that. Every day people ask us where we live. I tell them that hotel rooms are where we live.
Stay warm. More snow on the way in the midwest.
One more bit of business to take care of. To all the faithful bloggers that keep up with my blog you have some competition out there. Julie from Chicago has now come to a second concert of ours in Chicago. She even brought her entire family to the concert Saturday night. Nice work Julie! You all have some catching up to do.


Mazakai said...

heeey when do we get to hear your music? all this news about production in Nashville, let's hear it! :) really though, I hope you're having a blast.

isn't it cool to have faithful fans like Julie? see how influential you are?

off to facebook you, haha. hope you keep warm!

idolette said...

I have to agree with Mazakai here, let's hear this music! Haha, I'm so glad you're having fun and getting a lot accomplished. We're all eagerly awaiting!

I added you on facebook. Cute picture! I used to say I would never get on that site, but it's addicting. You'll love it!

pecanpie said...


You're killing me with the facebook thing! I'm still trying to get the hang of myspace and now you are just way too young and cool for a geezer like me to keep up.

You've got my competitive spirit going dangling this Julie person over our heads. Show us your schedule so we can attend a concert or two and even the score.

Good luck with your checkup.I'm going to be working on this facebook thing just for you.

Anonymous said...

Keep Enjoying and Praising.
We think of you often
Chad and Bambi

Anonymous said...

Luke, congrats on being a FBer!!!
I am so proud of you!
You are so the MAN!
Keep living strong!
Mark Your Favorite Cousin Kohl

Anonymous said...

hah, y'all have to go to the chapter 6 website and then you will have all the intel required to become a bona fide chapter 6 groupie. snerk. those of you who've not seen them are missing something... it's the most lovely mix of sublime profundity and absolute silliness. Find a date and GO.

and aw, luke, thanks for the shoutout... it was a fun show. spouse, kids, all loved it. Alice is sorta crushing on John, I have to tell you. I see you're coming to libertyville in a bit and it's not that far, but i think there's a date conflict, alas -- time for the rest of your blog crew to step up to the proverbial plate.

i facebooked you, btw. your manager's right, it's viral, you have to be there. but you know you can ignore people's wall comments and messages, yes? (this is what all the big stars must learn to do... start practicing....)

take care -- good luck with the appointment, anticipating you'll have a clean slate and lots of cheerleading from your medical team...

vaya con dios

julie, chicago

Anonymous said...

oh, btw, had to shoutout to PecanPie -- pecan, it's me, MINSTREL from the PB/DCO donation team at SU2C. I'm Julie IRL. (small world, ms. pecan pie.... the rest of you don't know that ms. pecan leads a David Archuleta fan donation team at Stand Up 2 Cancer, where they've donated well over $40,000 to cancer research. My David Cook team's only at $12K but... we're still at it....and it's such a thrill to see those numbers climb and pray that the money will help find cures and prevention strategies, so others don't ever have to go through what Luke and so many people have gone through...)

CK from MI said...

Facebook, eh? I haven't even gotten the nerve to sign up on MySpace yet!

Luke, after watching the C6 DVD a zillion times, and seeing the pictures on the C6 website, I really want to see one of your shows!! You just have to schedule one on my side of the state when our roads aren't doubling as ice rinks. :-)

I'll definitely be sending up some prayers for you on Thursday. BTW, we never did hear about your tattoo experience. So, how many dots did you get? :-)

- CK

CK from MI said...

To Julie & pecanpie:

Congrats on the SU2C fund raising! That's fantastic! Julie, I post over at the DC-org board as CK19, though it's been a while. I did donate to some of the fundraising activities over there last year (i.e. wristband fundraisers for Luke & the ACS) but somehow missed the SU2C one. Throw up a post over there if the team has another donation drive and I'll be sure to contribute. (I'm working now, YAY!)

- CK

Anonymous said...

Hi CK, there was an end of the year push, i did post it at "the dash" -- a team competition in which Archuleta's team and Cook's team scored #1 and #2, respectively, in collecting donations in the last 15 days of december. (high fives pecanpie!)

you can contribute to any team at any time however; both our teams are on the first page:

sorry for the thread-jacking, Luke. didn't think you'd mind, just this one time ;-)


Anonymous said...

Good evening Luke.
Are you watching American Idol?
Do you have an early favorite?

hugs and blessings

Anonymous said...

hello Luke, u might remember me. My name's Alice, Julie's daughter. I've went to 2 of ur Chapter 6 concerts. U guys are great. Can't wait till I get to go to another concert! Tell all the Chapter 6 guys hi 4 me!

Carry said...

Hi Luke, I really hope you guys come in our area sometime, would love meeting you! I am looking you up on facebook, but don't know where you're at :( I need help, lol. I do have facebook myself, but not sure where you're at, lol

Carry said...

Oops, might have found it now, I hope. Sounds like you sure are busy Luke. God bless.