Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tonight I was able to see four of my former Elementary teachers in the same building. Kinda strange. I was reminded by one of them that I have not been blogging as much as I usually do. I felt like I was in trouble for not doing my homework so I thought I should blog tonight.
I have been relaxing this week in Indiana after a long trip in Florida. Thanks to all the staff and producers at the new Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood studios. We enjoyed your hospitality and what a fantastic job you have done on the re-creation of American Idol.
And a big thank you to all the people at First United Methodist Church in Homosassa Springs, FL for bringing me in for a concert last week. Your new building is a real blessing for your community and Lara and I were honored to be part of your opening night. May the Lord continue to bless your church. I will come back to your church as a guest anytime in the dead winter:)
I will be back on the road Saturday with Chapter 6 for a week. We will be touring in South and North Carolina and Virginia. If you live close then be sure to come check us out.
One more quick note....It seems that one of my comments on my profile has been a little misunderstood. I don't think that American idol is a "horrible show." I meant that as a joke. American Idol invested alot of time into me. And, I invested so much of my life on that show and gained so many friends and connections that I thought it would be a little funny if i said "that show is horrible." I guess I will stop trying to be a comedian through my blog. I just really hope Simon Cowell isn't mad at me now.
Easy now.


CK from MI said...

That person must not have been reading your blog when you had "getting chemo" listed as one of your favorite things. HAHA. Don't lose that sense of humor, Luke. Just remember to use the smileys, winks & such when posting humor or sarcasm. (I've been misunderstood many, many times on the internet! I can relate! Maybe it's a midwest thing.)

Glad you're doing well. Isn't it amazing how we all turn into kids again when we see out old teachers?

- CK

idolette said...

It's sometimes so surreal seeing teachers outside of school, or even IN school after you're long gone fom there, haha. Glad they whipped you into shape about blogging. ;]

Also, that's great that you got to perform a concert, and it sounds like a fun time was had in Florida! Here's to fun times on the road with the boys. I swear, someday I'll be able to see you guys live, haha.

That's a little funny about the "horrible" show. I'm sure Simon isn't too mad at you. He seems like a big teddy bear under all those black shirts, right?

All the best!

Mazakai said...

what if they graded you on the quality of your blog? ;) oh well, you'd still get an A.

and that's kind of funny about the Idol comment. I think you should keep being funny, though. no fun if nothing's funny. :(

good luck and fun times and all that jazz. :)

Anonymous said...

you are a goof. no wonder you, cook and johns get along so well -- you're all goofs. but i like that in a singer.

glad all goes well as you go here, there and everywhere. don't worry too much re mr. cowell. fortunately there's a higher Judge. Just SAYIN. ;-)

take care, travel safely, stay healthy, have fun.... i do not fail to pray, kwim? (say one for me, dude, real life is a little hairy at present. Waiting on your CD to improve things; a girl cannot live on cook, U2, C6 and switchfoot forever....)

vaya con dios
julie, chi

Joseph said...

It's been a long time since show choir camp, but I wanted to say that I'm so happy to hear that your treatment went well.

Carry said...

Hi Luke, keep your sense of humor, I enjoy what you write. I can understand too about being misunderstood on the internet, lately 2 people have misunderstood me very badly and one is sadly not a friend anymore, because I wouldn't be a pushover. The other one is still my friend, but I think you write good blogs. My myspace blogs are so boring, yours here is more interesting. :) Have a great weekend Luke. By the way, even though I have some favorites this year on AI, season 7 is still the best! Can't beat the 4horsemen!

Anonymous said...


It's good to know that you still follow instructions as well now as you did when you were 5. :)
It was great to see you and we are looking forward to your concert on the 26th!

Your teacher

Anonymous said...

Nice to visit with you and the family Friday. HELLO MENARDS!!!
Enjoy your trip to the Carolinas.
Take care.
Much love, many hugs, and tremendous blessings.
Chad & Bambi
Psalm 121

Jan said...

I watched you on Idol and I was surprised that you were eliminated. You have a great voice. Keep on singing!The best medicine for your illness is family - friends and the
love of singing. Do what makes you happy and you can beat all obsticles.
Take Care

Debbie K. said...

Luke, you were at my alma mater! University of Mary Washington (formerly Mary Washington College) ;) I thought you were great on American Idol...I hope you are doing well both musically and health wise. Thanks for visiting my alma mater ;)