Friday, March 20, 2009


I am backstage getting ready for a concert tonight at University of Mary Washington in Fredricksburg, VA. Just finished sound check and I also just stuffed my face with food from Noodles. Bangkok Curry Noodles with Tofu and peanut sauce. yum.
We have had 6 concerts in the past 7 nights and this is the last one of this tour. Thanks to all the fans who have showed up this week. Its been really cool to perform for all of you and to meet you all after the shows.
We started this tour in South Carolina and made a couple stops in North Carolina and it ends tonight in Virginia. I wish I had my motorcycle out here on this trip. The weather has been real nice.
My next concert will be with a band on thursday March 26th in Crawfordsville, IN at Crawfordsville High School. The time is 7:30pm and the doors will open at 6:30pm. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago there is no ticket price, but the American Cancer Society will be there to take donations for those interested in helping out.
The morning of the concert I will be joining Jenna Maloney on Indianapolis FOX. We will do a little version of Idol chatter and discuss Wednesday nights Idol show. It should be live around 8:50am. I will also be plugging my show for that night of course.
If you have nothing to do tonight then drive out east and join me at our concert. It starts at 8pm. Later.


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon
You've been busy. Remember take a breath every now and then.
Looking forward to Thursdays concert.
Take care.
Hugs and Blessings
Chad & Bambi

Zeph. 3:17

Anonymous said...

you're going west while i'm going east, alas. heading to Our Nation's Capital tomorrow. business trip. would much rather be in crawfordsville next thursday. :-)

be safe, be strong, be terrific. vaya con dios. (i know you do.)

julie, chi

Anonymous said...


Love, Your Favorite Cousin Mark

CK from MI said...

Busy week! Hope you & the fellas have a chance to relax before the next set of shows.

Hopefully lots of money will be raised for the American Cancer Society through the concert & walk. Cheers to you and all that will be participating in the day's activities.

We've (hopefully) finally turned the corner into Spring! Only through experiencing a lousy winter can one really appreciate a beautiful spring day.

- CK

Anonymous said...

Hey Luke,

I just watched your Indy Fox interview (the video is online). You look great and the more I hear about tonight's concert, the more I want to go. Sounds like it's going to be really good!

I agree with you about Adam Lambert's performance last night. Absolutely incredible! (Though, I thought he looked more like Kurt Russell.) I've liked Adam from the beginning but also think he needed this performance to show his versatility. (Like David Cook last year when he sang "Music of the Night".)

Have fun tonight!

- CK

Annie said...

Somehow, when you blog about food, it's usually Asian food :)

Kelly O'Dell Stanley said...

Luke, your concert last night was amazing. I love the songs you've written, especially Make It Home and Speak. My kids loved it, too, and we were so glad to get to be there. Thanks for doing that. What a great testimony you are for the American Cancer Society and for all those dealing with cancer in their friends or family! Oh, and I LOVED the Mika song... he's one of my favorites and your voice is perfect for it :-)

Karla Conard said...

Hi there! Happy to see you are doing well. I met you and your (then-fiancee) wife, Lara during our "lovely" time in the shelter in Playa del Carmen (2005)! Your parents (I believe) were also there and we all chatted and maybe played cards or something???? I was with a group of girls (5 of us, missing our kiddos, one recovering from breast cancer...). We were all thrilled to recognize you on AI. And now so happy to see you beating cancer and doing GREAT things. Keep it up. Karla

Anonymous said...

Good day dear ones
The concert was wonderful.
Thanks for sharing with all of us.
Keep sharing His story everywhere you go; there's a world that needs to hear.
Love ya much.
p.s. when are we going to hear a duet with Luke and Lara