Tuesday, May 12, 2009

E! on Thursday Night

Don't forget to watch E! television on Thurday night at 10pm Eastern time. I will be featured on the episode called "Celebrity Medical Nightmares, In Their Own Words." Make sure you check your local listings because times may vary depending on where you live in the country. It will be a short segment with me talking about the last year of my life on Idol and my battle with Cancer. It will be a pleasure to speak on E! as a representative for Cancer patients. Get your Tivo's ready.


Anonymous said...

Tivo's all set! Looking forward to it. Hope all's still going well. It's been almost a year, hasn't it?

- CK

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! My daughter will be so excited to see you! She has been begging me to drive by your parents house when we come to Cville in 2 weeks in hopes to get a glimpse of you!

Anonymous said...

That was a good show last night. I was expecting one of E's typical countdown-type shows, but this one had some educational value too as they presented information about each of the conditions they featured.

Though I think E! stretched some facts during your segment (i.e. showing film of the AI concert as they discussed your Crawfordsville benefit concert), the important stuff was featured well.

For those who missed it, I'm sure it'll be shown again. Luke's segment is in the last 15 minutes, but the whole hour is worth watching.

- CK

Anonymous said...

I caught that segment :). Hope all is well and best to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Great show! I think E got the timing wrong too. Didn't you get diagnosed in May, right before the Finale? The show said it was only a couple of weeks after you were eliminated in March. Maybe they meant to say "months".

Anywho, glad to see you're doing well and have kicked the Big C. You ROCK! :-)

I can't believe papparazi tried to get into your hospital room. The swine!

Anonymous said...

Pls. help Daniel Hauser.

I actually saw the episode on E! and honestly I don't watch E! If I didn't see the eposide of you and your story I would not be able to contact you now.

If you can pls. reach out to Daniel Hauser . A 13 y/o boy with Hodgkin's lymphoma and parents are refusing chemo. I saw this today and thought of you right away.


Thank you for your time.

georgia said...

hey what is up luke? u might remember me. i am ad's lil cuz. how r u doing?

Ti said...

Luke, you are awesome. You're a great singer, I was rooting for you on AI. And you're a great representative for the cancer rights movement. Spread the word about cancer and how to fight it. And for legal information for cancer rights, contact www.cancerlegalresourcecenter.org.

Neil said...

That was a good show. After going through the medical bill nightmare with my family, I can relate. Top knotch care, but wow that's a lot of money.

Just heard that one of the Survivor winnners recently got diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. For a supposably "rare" cancer there sure seems to be a lot of people that have/had it.

twotwo said...

Luke, I missed your segment on E. I heard about it too late, however, what a great inspiration you are to so many. I was sorry to hear about David Cook's brother. His new song he sang on American Idol Finale was so poignant to his brother and everyone else who have or is going through illnesses, yes, I pray for a cure for every illness and cancer!!! I'm glad you are busy making your great music...and will have more to come. Lots of prayers,thoughts,love for you and Lara continuously. Love, twotwo

Anonymous said...

Where are you?
What are you and your lovely lady doing these days?
Some of us "old folks" don't facebook or twitter or myspace.
Take care
Hugs and Blessings
Chad & Bambi