Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am stranded at the Philly airport. My flight was supposed to leave at 11am this morning, but it was cancelled. The earliest flight I could get was 6pm. It is kind of a relief to have a cancellation like this because I have only had one day off in the last month and I have been surviving by Starbucks drinks everyday. I have found a little hideaway spot at the airport with food, internet and flat screen tv's with ESPN. Sometimes cancelled plans are not such a bad thing. This is giving me a chance to sit and relax and not be rushed like I have been this whole month. And I finally have time to blog!!
Tomorrow I will be near St. Louis for 2 days speaking and singing at a church for the National Day of Prayer. What a cool day to honor.
I will be with Chapter 6 this weekend in the great state of Indiana.
Another bit of news for all you Colts fans....I will be singing the National Anthem for the Colts on October 4th at Lucas Oil Stadium vs. the Seattle Seahawks. I hope to meet my idol Peyton Manning.
Finally, I hope you can all join me in keeping the Cook family in your prayers this week. They have been a big support to me this year with my cancer battle and they provided me with lots of inspiration during my chemo. Dave and his family spent a day with me at my home after my first chemo treatment. Great family and a very sad loss for them this week. It was very humbling to have that kind of support from them.
Lets also pray that one day there may be a cure.


Anonymous said...

Where are you speaking in STL??

Glad to hear that you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

Luke - enjoy your down time! WOW - you've been crazy busy! That's a good thing though - I guess!!!? I hope you get to meet Peyton too - that was a big deal for JD and he waited a long time for it to happen! Wonder if you'll be nervous meeting him, like I was meeting you that first time!? :) I didn't realize that David Cook's brother finally lost his battle. I'm very sad about that. I'm with you - we need a cure - and we need it soon!!!!! Take care.... Sue Taylor

CK from MI said...

Ahhh, what would we all do without Starbucks? :-)

As I mentioned in your Easter blog, the Cook family has been in my prayers. For Dave & his family to be there for you like that is pretty special.

Enjoy your down-time.
Safe travels.

- CK

Susan C. said...

Luke, busy again how nice. Sweeet blog. Take care.

Carry said...

Hi Luke, great you had time for a blog! I hope you get to meet Peyton too! I'm a huge football fan myself and the Colts are my second or 3rd favorite team behind the Vikings. I've been praying for Dave and the whole Cook family, so sad that Adam died so young. God bless.

Melanie said...

It was so sad to hear about David's brother passing away. I'm glad you guys are so close and that you can in turn be there to support him and his family through this as they supported you. When you said he visited you at home after your chemo treatment did you mean he was actually in Crawfordsville?!

I hope you enjoy your down time today and we will of course be watching when you sing at Lucas Oil!

Emily said...

Luke, I really enjoyed seeing you today in O'Fallon. You are truly talented. And I want you to know that I voted for you. :) May God bless you and your family. I'll be praying for you.

Linda Ducksworth said...

Hi Luke,
My Pastor, Bishop Geoffrey V. Dudley got your contact information this morning at the Prayer Breakfast here in Illinois and forwarded it to. I've been reading your blogs, you have an awesome testimony!! Hopefully we can get you back to Illinois to do something at our church.

Success and Blessing to you!!

Linda Ducksworth

Anonymous said...

just saw this... getting behind in checking the blog, yikes, chasing u at twitter instead... you're all over the digiverse, dude.... cannot keep up.

i presume you are no longer stuck in philadelphia (though it IS always sunny there).

hope your concerts on home turf go great this weekend.

So sad about Adam.... praying for David, Andrew, Kendra, Gage, Gracie and all of them... I know that this good man's all-too-short life will continue to inspire not only David but many other people in the fight against this terrible disease.... you & Dave have us all on board now...

julie, Chi

Anonymous said...

so true about canceled plans...sometimes we just need a reason to slow down and think, huh? I'm glad you are busy and well...yes, very sad about Adam, and so proud of Dave for running in that race on Sunday!! We've just all got to keep fighting...through as many avenues as we can. Stay well!!
Mary (from SF)

Anonymous said...

Hugs and Blessings dear ones!

Take Care.

Chad & Bambi

Mari said...

Dear Luke,

We are praying for you and for Cook family, from Brazil.
Your a fantastic singer, very tallentous, and I'm sure that you'll win this battle and have a lot of success in your life.
We admire you a lot!!
From a brazillian family,

Mari, Isabella and Marcelo