Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Anonymous said...

Between this and your Facebook post about the texting, you guys are so much like brothers, it's funny.

I'll leave out the obvious joke here about men not stopping to ask directions. HaHa

So, are there always two vehicles when you guys tour? (Maybe between getting lost & bus breakdowns, that's not a bad idea.)

- CK

Anonymous said...

That was cute!
Where's mrs. menard?
Enjoy and be blessed AND
get a map!!

Chad and Bambi

Anonymous said...

dude. GPS?????


Anonymous said...

Dear Luke:

It is soooooooo cooool to be able to see you and hear you!!! :-)
Thank you for posting this video!

You see, I was (and I still am!;-) one of your biggest fan since when you were on American Idol
Then, after I looked for you and learned that you were so sick :-( I have been praying for you and for your health.

I'm very happy to know that things are going pretty good for you!
It's my prayer that you'll continue being blessed every single day of your life! :-)

Greetings to your precious wifey! ;-)

With much love,

Anonymous said...

Yay! Video Blogs! Lookin' good, Luke.

Anonymous said...

when you get well, try acting! you should be an actor not singer.

tearbear said...

Luke bring the group to the Heartland... Husker Country would love ya!!!
Hard to get lost in a cornfield...
God Bless...

twotwoami said...

Luke! All i can say is cool.....thank you for telling us about your tour travels. Lots of love and prayers, to you and chapter 6, Lara, family and friends always... love, twotwo

Anonymous said...

I work with your Uncles, David & Mike at Armstrong in Kankakee. I also have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and have been fighting it for 7 years. Please contact me.

Harry Schriefer

Anonymous said...



this makes me happy, though. crickets means, no need to post regular health reports, because... all that is over.

This is a Very Good Thing.


Anonymous said...

Where are you?
Hope this finds you well.
Take time to "Be still & know that I am God" He is fabulous and worthy.

hugs and blessings

Anonymous said...

Luke, I hope all is well. Lots of love, thoughts, and prayers with you always. Your friend, twotwo

Meghan said...

its so nice to be able to hear and see you again! even over a video camera! two years-- its longer --and shorter than we think isnt it? *sigh* hope to see you at the paramont again some day! God bless you, and the rest of chapter 6!
prayers always,

Anonymous said...

That was funny, Luke!!!

- Rudy

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me see thru your eyes Luke! Sounds like mr anonymous over here knows you well.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just like you ;)

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