Thursday, September 3, 2009


Just realized its been forever since I have posted a blog. sorry blog friends...I guess I am getting too caught up these days on twitter and facebook.
About an hour ago I had my 3 month check-up with my Oncologist. He reported to Lara and I that my last CT scan looked great and that I can officially say that I am in remission. And there is no need for another check up scan for another 4-5 months. That is great news as I'm about to leave on tour for the west coast. There was never any doubt in my mind that the cancer was coming back, but its always a huge relief to hear the doctor say that to me. Especially before my month long tour coming up.
The day before the Chapter 6 tour I'm flying to Portland, Oregon to see my favorite band Keane live in concert. Its their last stop in the USA for this tour and I couldn't miss the chance to see them again.
Then I fly to Phoenix to meet up with the band and we go from Phoenix to Vegas to LA to San Diego and then we travel North through Cali and then we somehow end up in Edmonton, Canada after many stops that i can't even remember right now. This is always my favorite time of year to be on tour. The weather seems to always be just right. LA the weather is just right about 99% of the year.
I will do my best to blog more over the next month while on tour, and once again sorry to my faithful blog readers for not posting a blog in almost 2 months. I will do my best to not leave my blog stranded anymore.
I'll enjoy these last few days of down time and then its back on the long road.....


Anonymous said...

You've had quite a day - Remission and reaching 2000 Facebook Friends. :)

Seriously Luke, this is great news. To hear the doctor finally use the word "remission" must feel wonderful. It's a night to celebrate & give thanks.

Be careful out on the road. Hope the California fires aren't anywhere near where you're going. (I'm too lazy to look at a map.) You guys are always in my prayers for safe travels & good health.

BTW, you need to update your profile. You're no longer going through radiation and you ain't 29 anymore either. (heh)

- CK (from MI)

twotwo said...

Hi Luke! It is so good to hear from you! I'm so happy to hear the good report of your ct scan and that you are in remission! You have a full schedule ahead and i pray for your safety in travels, and a tour of great music from you ahead. I haven't forgotten you and as usual lots of love, prayers, good health, safety, for you, Lara, your band, and my thoughts remain with you. Love, twotwo ps yes, we want to hear from you!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

What absolutely awesome news!
Enjoy the tour and take care mate *hugs*
You deserve it.

Jo Sedz
Perth Western Australia

Pamela said...

That's wonderful news, Luke! Please travel safely on your tour, and keep us posted.

And have fun!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news Luke!!!

Be safe in your travels!!

Benita (Holscher) Martinez

Anonymous said...

Luke, I wish you well and the very best kind of success on your tour. Best blessings for you and your wife. I have bookmarked and will be following your blog.

Anonymous said...

You're a KEANE fan???

huh. I KNEW there was something about you that I liked. ;-)

me too.

happy trails.... thx for bloggin', tweetin, facebookin and just generally being digital....


julie, chi

Judes said...

That's great news about your remission. I wish you well over the next few months of touring . Take care !!

Susan said...

Oh, Luke. So happy for both of you. I know Lara said that was the day she was waiting for. So, I think of sending a card from time to time, but was not sure if the address was the same. So is your name on Twitter the same or does it have more like THELukeMenard. Safe journey.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are well.
Take care and always take time for your loved ones.
Breathe and enjoy!
hugs and blessings
Chad and Bambi

Kaitlin said...

That's fantastic news! Wishing you all the best!

Jennifer Markewich-Jones said...

Luke,I just sent you a personal email to see if you and Chapter6 would perform for my sister, Melissa and nephew Jacob who are at St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis. He is 2 years old and he is going through chemo and radiation. I did not even know you were also going through this until I hit your blog here. I am a huge fan and my sister sang in her acapella group at Cornell not too long ago, so she is a big fan of this type of music. They don't know I'm reaching out to you. Please contact me at any time.

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