Monday, July 21, 2008

American Idol Tour

Tomorrow I will be in Indianapolis for the Idol tour to watch the top 10 contestants perform. I just spoke with Carly from Idol and she has secured some passes for my wife and I to visit with the contestants throughout the day.  
  All of the season 7 contestants have been super supportive with me during my battle with cancer.  Most of them are great about keeping in contact with me on a regular basis.  It will be great to see them tomorrow and watch them perform again.  I'm sure they are even better now.
  If you aren't busy tomorrow and there are some tickets still available you should come check out the show.  All the performers are very talented and I don't think you would regret seeing them live.  I know from experience. 


Anonymous said...

Have a great time at the show tomorrow Luke. I am sure it will be great to see all your friends from Idol. You Rock!

Carianne said...

That's really great that most of them keep in touch with you! Have a great time tomorrow!

Susan said...

Hi Luke, Just saw the show in Chicago on Saturday. It is great, you will love it. They are great performers, but just great people in general. Enjoy!!! Say hi to Jason from his Chicago Dreadheads. We love him. He was sooo nice to us on Saturday. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Have fun, Luke. Glad you'll be able to see your Idol buds. I'm going to try to get tickets for one of the later shows, but I'm not sure any are available.

So, can we help you with your countdown and say it's now "4 down 8 to go?" 1/3 of the way done? :-)

Continued blessings to you, Lara and your families.

- CK from MI

Kaitlin said...

Very cool! I'm glad to hear you made great friends during your time on the show! I'll be checking the show out when they come to PA in Sept! I'm excited to check it out! Have fun!


Carry said...

Hi Luke, I'm so thrilled you're able to see them. I was wondering if you were going to go because of the fact it is in Indianapolis. I am hoping to see a show but I doubt any tickets are left for the KC show(I live in Iowa). Have a super time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke! I'll be at the show tonight in Indy so maybe I'll see you there!

Amy Blankenship said...

Luke, ]
It was a true pleasure to talk with you and your wife tonight. I will wear your bracelet daily and continue to say a daily prayer for you. Thank you for your generosity.

God has BIG plans for you...there IS so much more.

In Christian love,
Amy Blankenship

Anonymous said...

I'm reading nothing but great reviews for last night's show. Sounds like you & Lara had a blast. Pretty cool of the guys to give you a shout-out! I'm hoping to attend the Grand Rapids show in September. I can't wait!

CK from MI

Anonymous said...

Luke-How was the show? Hope you had an awesome time. I know we did in St.Louis!!!! I'll be looking for your next blog. Take Care-Myty

Diana said...

Hey Luke, It's funny because I had a trip planned to go to Indy Tuesday night to check out the Indianapolis after reading your blog about it being there I found some pics and printed them there after the concert was over and went to get autographs.....It was awesome but seeing that you were going to be there I printed off 2 pics I found on the web of you hoping you'd come out....but you didn't I was kinda there anyway that I can send them to you sometime to sign them for me?....I am putting the pictures in frames and putting them up in my sports room at my house!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Luke~ I send good wishes and prayers for your recovery. I advise you to laugh often and embrace this fragile, beautiful life we have been given. But, it sounds like you already know these things.
I hope your recovery is swift and complete.
take care~dale

Anonymous said...

Luke...I was just watching the tv show 'EXTRA' a few minutes ago and learned of your profession of faith and of your dealing with cancer. I could'nt help but think and pray for you and my son. He is 36, a new father and a professor at a small christian college outside of Little Rock and is about to start round 2 of chemo for the rare Burkitts form of cancer. I guess I'm writing for two reasons. First to affirm to you that God is sovereign, in control, and will use you to draw many to Him because of how you will(and have) testified to His glory. Secondly, I sense in my heart that each of you would benefit from encouraging each other through your blog sites. When you have a moment, I invite you to
thanks for giving our family (including a young grandchild or two) the pleasure of your voice and testimony. We are fans in more ways than one. Blessings to you and your family. Aarons dad.

EmilyBoo said...

I hope you had fun visiting with your Idol friends.

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAY Luke.... :-)

Still praying for you every day, man. Know the Lord has some major plans for you. I hope the Indianapolis show was a chance for you and the AI top 10 to be mutually encouraging to each other. Hang in there!

julie, chicago