Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CT Scan

This morning I had my first CT scan since I have started chemo. I don't know the results yet but we are praying that the mass is shrinking. As soon as I know the results I will post a blog.
I would also like to thank everyone that came to our concert on Saturday night. The energy in the auditorium was out of control and it felt great to be on stage again. Thanks for giving me an outlet to perform my new songs.


Audra said...

Hey Luke,

We are praying for great results from this scan and that the mass is shrinking quickly! THe concert was AWESOME, loved every bit of it. Would love to touch bas with Bekah more, but her website isn't up and running. Any suggestions?

God Bless and Take Care,
Audra Abney

CK from MI said...

We here are also praying that the mass in your chest is responding to treatment and shrinking.

Wish I could have come to your concert. From the reviews I've seen in your local papers, it looks like it was a great night.

God Bless
- CK from MI

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke, Always do and will continue to pray for you! Now I know what to pray for specifically right now.

I love how our town has rallied together as a community! I didn't get to go to the concert, but I heard it was CRAZY AWESOME!!

In Him,
Amy Stribling

twotwo said...

Luke, Hi again. I Am praying for a good outcome from your ct scan that the mass is shrinking and getting out of there! I too wish I had seen your concert!!!! Much Love, Prayers, and Success continually for you and your family. Love, twotwo

Mazakai said...

I hope everything went well, and continues to go well. :] I really wish I lived nearby so that I could go to one of your concerts, they sound very neat and are obviously for a good cause.

Best wishes.

Susan said...

Uplifting you in prayer and seeing you healing every minute of every day getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

Praying the cat scan brings news that the mass is shrinking and that you have peace while you wait. I know from going through this with my mom how agonizing waiting for results can be. Hang in there-Myty

Anonymous said...


I have been praying for you everyday! I REALLY ejoyed the concert Saturday, it was AMAZING!

Carry said...

I'm praying for you Luke, that the scan will show that mass shrinking. Praying here!
God bless,