Monday, August 18, 2008

Stay Strong

Just finished writing with Jason Walker today. We had a great time writing and recording a song that we entitled "Stay Strong." After the death of my Grandmother yesterday and after being finished with half of my chemo treatments all I can do with the strength of the Lord is to stay strong. Jason Walker informed me today that he recently wrote a song that is featured on Clay Aiken's most recent album. I have written with him 3 times and he just told me that. What a modest guy. Jason has also written and toured with Chris Sligh who I will be writing with tomorrow.
Can't wait to get an album together so I can show my friends and fans that you can write and record a full album even while being treated with chemotherapy. I gotta stay strong!!
I am off to dinner.


Mazakai said...

I'm very sorry about your grandmother. I'm sure she would love to know she was an inspiration to your music, though. :)

Have fun! Having the chance to make art with another person is a beautiful thing, and as I'm sure you can see, all of your fans are eagerly awaiting anything you can show us.

Definitely stay strong. You're doing great.

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Not being familiar with Jason Walker, I did some web surfing. Seems that there are THREE different Jason Walkers in the music biz that could not be more different.

There is Jason Walker - vocalist of dance/club music from Pittsburgh.

There is Jason Walker – conga player.

There is Jason Walker – young pop/rock singer-songwriter in Nashville who lists working with Chris Sligh & Clay Aiken in his MySpace blog. Somehow, unless Luke has done a change in genres, I think this is the one that applies. (Though personally I think Christian music could use some conga beats. Ha Ha)

Can't wait to hear the new music Luke! Have fun writing with Chris tomorrow.

Stay strong - but take care of yourself!

- Dale

CK from MI said...

Sounds like you had some great inspiration today, Luke. I'm really anxious to hear your new songs.

Have fun tomorrow & have safe travels back to Illinois.

- CK

Kaitlin said...

It is awesome that you are finding inspiration to write songs from the events in your life whether they are good or bad.

You are truly inspirational to many many people.

I look forward to hearing your songs!

Keep staying strong!

Carry said...

Hi Luke, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. It sounds like she's left a great legacy. May God bless you in your travels and I so look forward to someday buying a cd of yours!
Keep on staying strong, God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good writing session with Chris Sligh today. I thought he was very under-rated on Idol last season. Looking forward to the new tunes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Luke,

God bless...very sorry about the loss of your grandmother...I'm so glad that you're staying strong through life's'll get through it, there's tons of love and support! Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

God bless and take care,

Anonymous said...

My condolences on your loss, Luke. May the knowledge that your loved one is safely home with our Lord provide comfort for you at this time.

As for being strong... you know what the book says.... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

You're right there already, man. Just let Him do his thing and all will be well. Take care...

Julie, chicago

twotwo said...

Luke, I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother's death.I am so glad to hear you are writing songs and making some new music. Often times such as through these experiences- brings forth our best work straight from our whole inner hearts and soul. I will be looking forward to hearing your music in the future. I am standing with you through every aspect of your life. As well, I am praying for your wife and family and friends... All my love, prayers, success, love, your friend, twotwo

Anonymous said...

Luke - thank you for being so open with your feelings. You are truly an inspiration to others. Your positive attitude and determination will prevail through these trying times. I am sorry to hear about the passing of your Grandmother.

I am so happy you are writing and I can't wait to hear your music. I know it will be inspirational.

Best Wishes Always,
Kathy Plouffe (kathypinaz)

Anonymous said...

Brace yourself, brother -- instead of doing the Mavid dance tonight, MJ and DC held up signs. MJ's said "To all Mavid fans" and DC's said "Give Back To Luke Menard."

happy dance happy dance

get a bigger mailbox, man. And think about opening a paypal account for yourself, and getting the address out in public, so people can contribute w/credit cards...

you're gonna need it, brother --

praise God from whom all blessings flow.... :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. Hang in there. There's a song by Lonestar called "Mountains" and basically the whole concept if you haven't heard it is that sometimes God gives us mountains so we can learn how to climb. I hope you keep on climbing because once you get to the top, it'll be beautiful. Stay strong! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless,
Kim, Maryland

Anonymous said...

"Brace yourself, brother -- instead of doing the Mavid dance tonight, MJ and DC held up signs. MJ's said "To all Mavid fans" and DC's said "Give Back To Luke Menard."

That's really cool! That's some good friends you have there, Luke.


Running with Scalpels said...

Luke, I am terribly sorry to hear about your grandmother. I empathize with you on that, having lost my grandmother myself, and you move on, you do, but there is always that feeling... that lost. And for you to draw inspiration from that is truly amazing, and speaks so much of the man that you are. Stay strong, Luke. *smiles*

I'm glad to hear chemo is going well, and continue to do what you love, we are right here, even though you can't always see us or hear us, know that we are here. And waiting.

God bless you Luke, Lara & family,
Kavidha N, Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Man, suddenly there's a lot of dust in the room, I got some in my eyes!!

But seriously, I can only hope that faced with such adversity, I can be as strong as you.

You have amazing friends who are using the resources available to them to help you. Keep them close.

Your strength and resilience are an inspiration.

Be well, and best of luck with the album!

~Word Nerd

Anonymous said...

Stay strong is right, and I am wishing you the very best. Your a great guy, Luke! All the best!
Krista Stefanopoulos

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you and yours, for the loss of your grandmother, as you continue your treatment, and pursue your music.

Please keep your spirits high!

Joanne said...

May God use your life to broadcast to the world how Awesome He is, and that through Faith in Christ, all things are possible, even overcoming huge obstacles. Praise Him day and night!

Please post instructions for those that would like to donate... so we can be the Helping Hands of Christ for you.

Anonymous said...

Emotional reading about your loss and about the MAVID signs for you.

Strange how the world of AI can cause people to be so moved about the lives of people they have never met.

I wondered about you the other day, when I was reading Regie Hamm's my space blog "Full Circle" (which was another blog that brought tears to my eyes)

It was my emotional response to his blog that led me back here to find out how you are doing.

Now, I will say a few prayers, for you and your family. And a few more for your music.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Luke - would you please contact me ASAP as I am trying to set up a fundraising effort for you and need some information. I recently sent you a donation but want to do more. I don't know how to contact you other than through here. (Kathy)

sstone said...

It would be a privilege to give back to someone who has clearly touched so many lives. Hopefully Kathy will be able to set up something that we can participate in.

May God continue to bless you, your family & friends, and to inspire your music.


Ceel said...

I'm so sorry about your Grandmother, Luke. <3 You're all in my prayers.

By the way, have you seen this?

^They, as well as us, the fans, have your back. <3 Stay strong.

annie said...

Hi Luke,

I stopped by to see what was new with you since your friends, MJ and DC, held up signs with your name on it at the Sunrise show last night (8/20).

My condolences on your loss of your grandmother. You and your family are in my prayers. It's great to hear that you continue working on something you love during this time. May you always have the strength and courage to carry on in the face of adversity.
Much love.

Anonymous said...

Do heroes live only in my dream?
Would there be a light after the dim
We can all expect too much in this life and yet slow us down in a chance
In sadness there is hope,in trial there is hope, I hope tomorrow will bring new light, new life.

Brightest star told me without the light of other stars it still feels dark for him. When our life are entangle in despair, we have a lot to look forward to so do not think the sun will not set tomorrow. After the rain, then there is the most beautiful rainbow

Kudos to Luke, You can win this fight, No doubt

Anonymous said...

Luke, I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I will keep her and all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Can you please let us know if the PO Box address is still valid for sending cards etc to you and Lara. Thank you and take care.

Katie S said...

I wish you the best of luck in your treatments and understand the hardships that come with it after watching my dad for nine months to which he passed on in the end. All i can say is never give up hope and fight not only for your self but for your friends & family. The best of luck and i hope i see you guys the next time you come to kiel High school.