Wednesday, June 10, 2009

its been a while

I know it has been a while since I have blogged. this is the longest i have waited to post a blog and it is because i have been on the road non stop on and off tour for the past 2 months. This summer is quickly filling up with tour dates across the country. It starts this weekend at a relay for life event in Bradley, IL on June 13th. Then I am off to Indiana, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, California and then a week cruise with Chapter 6 to Bermuda. I know...I have a tough job. I have been reflecting back recently on last summer. It was exactly 1 year ago that I had just finished my first chemo. There was so much uncertainty in my life and it didn't seem fair that I had to put my life on hold for 8 months. I was trapped in the world of cancer and didn't want to show any weakness because of all the attention that came along with it. There didn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. But now I am so blessed to feel so healthy to travel and share my music, my story and meet other people who have been through similar struggles. Its great to be alive.


twotwo said...

Dear Luke, Hi It's good to hear from you!! and glad you are busy touring with your group. Luke, i believe you will always remember what you have gone through and personally reflecting on your experiences brings it to light in the grieving process you faced at that time of your life. Those experiences make us empathetic to others as you are doing now in your travels and all the people you meet. I wish you lots of Prayers, Love, Strength, Safety in travels, and a continuance of more great music to come.... Love, twotwo

Anonymous said...

smiling. i should pull your chain at facebook more often, i guess ;-)

props for your blog, your packed schedule, your reflectiveness, your faithfulness. I know you're still working on it all, in your head/heart, as you travel the path. There's a whole bunch in front of you, good stuff, things you are now uniquely suited to tackle. Some of which you can grasp already, some of which will undoubtedly be a surprise.

and hey, is there any central point to find your schedule, other than the shows you do with C6? because I know you do other kinds of shows, and some of these I think must be open to the public, and -- it would be good for us to know about them, if possible. (because we'd like to see you do your thing, especially with some of those new songs you've created....)

think about it.

vaya con dios, my prayers always, pax

julie, chi

Anonymous said...

what Julie said...would love to know where and when you will be in California. just popped by tonight and saw your new blog. Congrats on being a year out and so glad all is doing well. Have a wonderful summer Luke!


Anonymous said...

Hello dear one.
I'm glad you have had an opportunity to give an update.
Enjoy your time. It is a precious commodity. Give yourself and your lovely lady a squeeze from the Garretts. We love ya and continually lift you in prayer.
Remember - spend time w/ one another. It's important.
hugs and blessings

Anonymous said...

When and where will you be performing in Indiana?

pecanpie said...

Hey Luke!

Great to hear from you again. So happy for you and glad that you're starting to feel a little more distance from those awful days of chemo. Would love to hear more about those songs you were working on during prior blogs. Hope the year continues to be a healthy and productive one. Stay cool!

Mary Jo Solomon~Meyer said...

I'm so glad this summer is filled with pleasant busy activities! You are a continuing example of God's faithfulness to us if we stay faithful to Him. We hope to catch you on tour this summer.

CK from MI said...

Let me get this straight. You guys go to Canada in the Winter & Bermuda in the Summer? What's wrong with THIS picture? (Just teasing. haha)

I'm so glad you're doing well and have emerged triumphant from your trials of last year.

I wish you all safe travels & great shows. Be sure to blog, post, and/or tweet during the cruise so we can all be jealous. :)

- CK

Anonymous said...

Good evening.
Nice to see the two of you for a moment today.
Your smiles are beautiful!
We've been reading a thought provoking book lately. I'm actually reading it a 2nd time right now. If you get a moment or two and want to stretch your mind a bit: "Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell
Continue to stand strong, be bold, and courageous.
We love you
Take care of one another.
hugs and blessings
Chad & Bambi

Carry said...

Hi Luke, thanks for the update,it's good to see the Lord blessing you and you keeping busy. Keep on trusting the Lord, he has great plans for you!
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

It's been a year - "and what a long strange trip it's been".

Don't feel bad about any of the uncertainty you were, or perhaps still are, feeling. The world of cancer is a big scary question mark, especially at the beginning. You've made it through and are now navigating through the "now what?" phase. Looks to me like you've got you head on straight and are doing well.

I'm glad to see you're doing shows for cancer benefits, schools, churches, & such. Nice way to give back.


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