Monday, July 27, 2009

bermuda triangle

Just flew home from Baltimore today where we returned back from our Cruise to Bermuda. Absolute paradise. We had 2 concerts the during the entire cruise so the work load was not all that tough. Unfortunatly none of the Chapter 6 wives were able to come because of their own work schedules. One day as we were all swimming in a cove in the beautiful coast of Bermuda I started laughing at the fact that we were actually being paid to travel to the Islands of Bermuda and swim in coves and eat all the food we wanted for free. Something just doesn't seem fair about that. It was too good to be true. Living on a cruise ship for one week was long enough for me. those rooms are tight.
Its good to be at our home in Missouri for the week until I get back on the road this weekend. If you want to see our tour dates check out chicago this saturday night and then west virginia on monday night. And then.....I have 3 weeks off!! First time in a long time. Lara and i will finally get some alone time before I hit the road in September for several months as we tour the west coast. But for now, I am gonna enjoy Starbucks every day, boating on the lake, working out at our gym, watching movies at home, not sleeping in a hotel and enjoying having no chemo. I have my 3 month follow up CT Scan next week but i have no worries cause I feel great.


Anonymous said...

hello dear ones
enjoy those 3 weeks. hug one another and smile.
we are anxiously awaiting jordan to come home. he's getting married this saturday. it's been 7 months since we've seen him; so that's why i'm encouraging you guys to enjoy your moments. RELISH THEM!
As the Lord leads, pray for me; I have to have knee surgery in the next couple weeks.
it's nice to hear from you. God is good. Bless Him, He is worthy!
hugs and blessings

Anonymous said...

You had only two shows the entire time you were on the ship!?! GOOD GIG! Bravo to whoever scheduled that! :)

Enjoy your time off. We'll send up some extra prayers next week for your scan.

- CK

Anonymous said...

Hello Luke, Boy, you sure are busy!! That cruise sounded nice...Enjoy your alone time with Lara and making great music ahead. I am praying for you and will keep your CT Scan on top of my list. Lots of PRAYERS, love, success, to you, Lara, family, friends, and Chapter 6 as you move forward, The best to you always, Love, Your friend, twotwo

Anonymous said...

triategrhey u know what the biggest drag is he forgot all the fans in cville it seems. oh well they were there when he needed them now he dont an it shows. i believe hes turning snobby bo 777

mac.downes said...

I was only able to catch your last show on the bermuda cruise. After hearing you sing (Especially liked Istanbul by They might be Giants, one of my favorite bands)
I was terribly dissapointed to realize that I missed the 1st performance on Wednesday.
Your voices are entrancing!
Thank you for giving me a performance I will not forget.
Is San Diego on your west coast tour by chance?

Anonymous said...

dude, way to get me all excited, saying 'chicago'... but it's a corporate event, pfffttt. lol. no joy there. (except for the corporate ones. even corporate ones need music, i reckon.)

glad you made it home from that hard-duty gig. nice. you just keep movin' on, vacation with the lovely Lara is coming up, and I am sure your scan will be as lovely as the still waters of the ocean on a calm day....

pax, vaya con dios


Carry said...

Hi Luke, being on a cruise ship sounded real nice. I hope you'll enjoy your vacation when it comes up, you deserve to have a relaxing time and enjoy life. God is good!
Love in Christ,

Ellen Kingston said...

Hey Luke, my friend! So glad you're feeling better and through that tough time. God is good! What a gig for you all - wow! Congrats.
And how cool is it that John is getting married?
Just checked your website to see about booking you for a gig next April. Also, you are singing at my alma mater, North Central HS on Sept. 1. Gotta see you somehow!
Love to you and lovely Lara. Ellen Kingston

ann said...

Hi Luke! Ann here from NC.
I thank God for allowing us to be on that ship too. Our family enjoyed meet you guys. Talented group of fellows! God has indeed given u all a gift. Keep singing and shinning for the Lord! Hope to see you again.Maybe, when you return to the Carolina's! Enjoy your family.Pray for you daily. Many blessings!
Jesus loves U!
Ann Stephenson

jamullins said...

Glad you are doing well! I prayed for you the day I heard about your cancer. Hope to see you on tour sometime if you're ever in Oklahoma! I will be praying for your CT scan.


Anonymous said...

How are you?
Thinking and praying for you today.
Hugs and Blessings

Glenn said...

Greetings from Canada Luke,

I was diagnosed on May 11th with hodgkins. They seem to do things a little differently here as far as treatment goes. Its refreshing for me to see someone who is dealing with it in such a positive manner. This Friday marks my halfway point. I am stage 3b. I find at this point the chemo is wearing however one hast to remain positive. The key to it all is remaining stress free. Just wanted to say thank you for the blog post. It has given be an energy boost. Hope all is going well with radiation. Best of everything Luke and thank for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

smiles at the footsteps echoing here... since the author's off living real life....

smiles that illness is for a season, but love and hope are for always....

hopes luke will come back presently and leave an update...

wishes all the best for Glenn from Canada... ^^^^^... hang in there, Glenn from Canada, this too shall pass

Julie, chicago

Anonymous said...

hmm... a work-week in Bermuda. You're workin' like a dog!
Glad to hear things are going well for you.

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