Friday, September 11, 2009

payson, AZ

Just finished our first concert of this long tour in Payson, AZ. very pretty area. we had an assembly for high school students today and finished with an evening concert in Payson sponsored by the local fine arts organization.
The seats were almost 100% filled which always makes for a more enjoyable show. Touring artists always say you can't let audiences determine how you peform. But, after being on tour for 7 years across the world and after being on a live TV show performing for millions....I don't care what anyone says....the better the audience...the better the show. It's all about feeding them energy from the stage and them giving it right back. No way around that.
Tonights crowd was great. couldn't ask for much more. I hope the rest of the tour goes well like this with the audiences.
for now i gotta get some rest...we have a 9 hour drive into Vegas in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the tour's off to a great start! I'm sure that the rest will be just as good.

I'm glad to see that you guys still do appearances at the schools. I'll bet that's a lot of fun - for both you & the students.

- CK (from MI)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the great west.
Take care.
Give everyone hugs and blessings
from us
Chad and Bambi

Anonymous said...

you're right.... it's symbiotic. hoping to share the same concert space w/you and C6 in the not-too-distant.


twotwo said...

Hey great Luke!!! I'm sure the other tour places you perform at will be good ones for you and the band...Bring it on......Lots of love, prayers, peace, to You, Lara, and Chapter 6 Always.......Your friend, twotwo

Annie said...

Like they say... "know your audience." Have a great day!

Snowbrush said...

Darn, Luke, I'm so sorry about your cancer. I too have some total drag health issues, the difference between us being that mine won't actually kill me, although they do sometimes make me wish I were dead.

Healthygirl said...

Hey! Interesting blog. I hope you are better now! :)

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Anonymous said...

I hope the job paid, son. said...

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Helena Smith said...

cancer! God help you! I've never had cancer, it must be painful.

Helly and Bonnie the dog xx

Helena Smith said...

cancer! God help you! I've never had cancer, it must be painful.

Helly and Bonnie the dog xx

νεα χαλκιδας said...

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Melissa Runnels said...

Your story is inspiring, I'm glad the tour is going well :-)

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