Monday, December 1, 2008

yeah, I'm 30

Today I am 30. Sounds kinda strange. Was not sure I was going to make it at times but I am still here.
I am waiting to meet Chapter 6 at our gig location. But they are not able to depart Illinois right now because of the snow.
If you get bored...check out I spoke with them last week and was able to catch up on some info with them. They wrote a nice update article on me and they even posted a few pictures in a photo gallery.
Stay warm today and snuggled up by a fire place. I am hitting the road for my first time on stage tonight as a 30 year old. I hope the kiddies don't look at me as an old man singing now. Hey... it works for James Taylor.


Brian and Carrie Saunders said...

Happy Birthday Luke...have fun traveling and we'll check out the Idol website. Remember, 30 is the new 20:)

CK from MI said...

Haha. As one who turned 30 a long time ago, I can tell you that it ain't so bad. :-)

That's a nice article over on, and great pictures. And, yep, we in the midwest got dumped with snow last night. Be careful out on the roads! And, hey, if the radiation fatigues you during the shows, just challenge the guys to a snowball fight during intermission! You'll wake up real quick!

Happy Birthday, Luke. Enjoy it!

- CK

Anonymous said...

30 definitely is the new 20! At least that's what I tell myself at age 31.

Happy Birthday, and I hope the shows go well!

Kelly O'Dell Stanley said...

Happy Birthday, Luke! 30 is nothing... 40's the one that really got me :-). We always believed you'd make it to 30 and well beyond! Enjoy yourself, and celebrate all the things you've been given... another year, another birthday, your talent, performing with Chapter 6, a loving family and a fabulous wife. And God, who never leaves your side, who never lets go of you, who has blessed you beyond measure!

idolette said...

You're as old or as young as you feel, Luke, remember that.

You've had a year of ups and downs, but in the end, I'm sure it made you a stronger person in the end.

Plus, if it's any consolation, based on pictures from Idol and the Chapter 6 site and any posted here - you don't look 30. ;]

Have a GREAT birthday! Lots of love!

Mazakai said...

I really want some snow, but I hope it doesn't throw your plans off too much!

you're not old, don't worry. and even when you do get old, it just means you get discounts at buffets and stuff like that, and can tell stories of your adventurous life to people.

have a good one, and you should probably do a birthday jig at the gig before you get too old to do them anymore. :P

LadyStyx said...

Happy Birthday!!

Roberta said...

Happy birthday, Luke! :) I'm looking 33 in the eye right now, and trust me, 30 is awesome.

Hope everyone gets out of IL safely - the weather is pretty awful here, too.

Desi said...

happy birthday luke!

Pamela said...

Happy birthday, Luke! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well. I sincerely hope that all of your birthday wishes come true!

As for turning 30, remember this: the older you get, the better you get...unless you're a banana.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Luke! Hope you have a great day! (As one who also turned 30 this year, I agree with CK. 30's pretty great)

Anonymous said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to you!! I'm sure this Thanksgiving was a special one and I know we all praise our Heavenly Father for His miracles. Still praying for you and so happy you are doing so well!

Now off to check out American Idol!

Amy Stribling

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.
Hugs and Blessings
Chad & Bambi

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Luke, I hope you enjoy traveling and playing with chapter 6...

you know 30 aren't that bad, so just enjoy it, but for the record from the pictures you don't look 30 ;)


Kaitlin said...

Happy Birthday Luke!!

I hope you have fun at your gigs!

I'll have to check out too.

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Luke, man, you think 30 is OLD? try adding a coupla decades to that, buddy... geesh. (though people keep telling me 50 is the new 30, which makes YOU an absolute infant, lol.) nah, really, HAPPY HAPPY birthday to you. This girl's looking forward to hearing the music you make when you're 40, and 50, and 60 (hey, i eat a lot of broccoli, take a lot of fish oil, do the treadmill -- it could definitely happen!) Also looking forward to seeing you with C6 in Lake Forest on Friday; got my tickets today; will be there with my kids. We'll be waving atcha... god bless you, brother... julie, chicago

Anonymous said...

check this out:

annie said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Luke (belated). Remember that birthdays are good for you... the more you have, the longer you live :)

I hope the radiation goes smoothly for you and that Ch.6 sells plenty of records.

the camp said...

well a big HAPPY 30th. you need to enjoy that. soon enough you will be at 44 like me and wonder where the heck time went.

just talked to paul, he said the show was a great time and a great day with the family.


Anonymous said...

30? You're still a baby :)

Congrats on your continued recovery and please know you are still in our most heartfelt prayers.

We wish you and your whole family all of God's greatest blessings and joy during this Christmas Advent Season.

Knock 'em dead on stage! (not literally of course.) haha.


Carry said...

Hi Luke, loved the article and pics and hope you had a wonderful birthday! You're still young :) I'm 46 and at times I wish I was 30 again :) Hope the Chapter 6 cd sells real well. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Luke!! I hope this year in absolutely amazing for you and brings you all you wish for.

Happiness & Love,
Kathy - kathypinaz

CK from MI said...

Luke - I hope that the radiation treatments are going OK and they haven't been too tough on you.

I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the new Chapter 6 CD. (Kuddos to your fast merchandising people!) You all sound fantastic and the arrangements are incredible. Looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer to hear your solo songs because I didn't see any on this disc, despite what the announcement on the website says. (I was wondering if they were "extra" tracks, but they don't seem to be.)

Oh, and I liked the little enclosed Christmas greeting that came with the CD. My first Christmas "card" of the season. :-)

- CK

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a GREAT show last night. "O Come O Come" was just transcendent ... and I'm frankly sort of amazed you can sing it, because I'd be crying, I think, but... well, the Spirit sings when we can't, yes? So now daughter is grooving to the Christmas CD and I'm all over "Change the World" out in the kitchen. (One of my faves -- Wynnona Judd does a great version also.)

So happy we got to meet; that was really lovely. Bless you and your musical brothers out on the road -- may every show be fun and a blessing. Hang in there with the rad, take care of yourself, eat good food, rest, and keep us posted, OK? Gotta run, busy weekend, holding you in my prayers daily, vaya con dios....

julie, chicago

Anonymous said...

Luke, a little late with the birthday wishes, but hope it was glad to hear the news about the remission of your friend Julie saw you with Chapter 6 last night and said you guys were great. Enjoy your tour and take good care of yourself. All the best for a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.


twotwo said...

Dear Luke, Happy belated 30th birthday to you. i wish i was 30 again i'm 54. They say your age today is alot younger than you really are. That's nice to know heh. I will check out american idol site and chapter 6. You will always be a favorite fan of mine. and of course you know I am your prayer partner for always.. Lots of Love, Laughter, Success, Prayers, and Thoughts to dear Luke. this is from twotwo i just thought of that name i don't know why it came out as a user name. I will close for now I just know everyone will love to hear you sing even the kiddies and us oldies but goodies. Prayer for Lara and your entire family and friends always. Love, twotwo