Saturday, December 6, 2008

Late night blog

Sitting in my hotel room now in Greenville, OH. Just had a great concert with Chapter 6 tonight for an awesome audience. We performed tonight in an old historical theatre that has been kept up very nicely. Great acoustics.
Last night we performed in Lake Forest, IL and it was great to meet Julie from Chicago who is a faithful blog reader. Great to meet you and your kids Julie!
Hope to see you all at a concert in the future too. Tomorrow night we sing at a theatre in Cambridge, OH and then I head back for more radiation this week while Chapter 6 drives to Pensylvannia for more shows.
It has been a blast singing with the guys again. My favorite shows have always been our Christmas show. We are having great crowds and a lot of fun on stage. It's kinda cool being on stage again.
It's been great to meet Chapter 6 fans and American Idol fans and some that said they even voted for me. But most importantly, I have been blessed to have several cancer survivors come up to me after the shows and talk about their experiences with cancer. I am slowly starting to see one small aspect of why I had cancer. Maybe it was to share my inspiration of fighting this disease with others facing the same disease and fears. And it has been a great way for other survivors to inspire and encourage me.
God's plan is always bigger than our plans. We can't always expect our agenda to meet up with the Lord's. Am I right?
I have to hit the road early in the morning and I should already be in bed. Good night.


Mazakai said...

I'm glad you're having fun! I need to buy your guys' Christmas album sometime.

it's also great that you get to meet your fans and people you have inspired. I bet that probably makes it all worth while.

I don't know what anyone's plans are, but I know you're doing the right thing. keep having fun, and get some sleep!

idolette said...

Awesome to hear that touring is going over so well. I think that would be so much fun, but man do I get stage fright, haha!

I would love to see one of your shows - maybe next time around, this month is always so busy, and it's a little far to travel from where I am. But defintiely in the future.

Here's to hoping that radiation goes over well, and keep a smile on your face, Luke.

Lots of love and all the best!

CK from MI said...

"... had cancer." Pretty nice to be able to say it that way, isn't it? :-)

There's a longer verse that starts with, "I have cancer, but cancer does not have me." From what I've read here and in the news stories that have covered your journey, Luke, you've lived that statement. In that, you have been a inspiration to others who may be on that same journey, especially since you've faced this in the public eye.

That being said, I'm so glad that the shows are going well. I've been listening to the C6 Christmas CD and it's beginning to put me in the Christmas spirit.

- CK

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke, Sounds like you are doing well. Traveling so much while still doing the radiation. So glad things are fine. It was nice to meet you and your wife in Plymouth. Really enjoyed the show. My husband is now a big fan too. God Bless you on your continuing journey.

Kaitlin said...

Glad to see you are having fun with Chapter 6!

I hope everything goes well with radiation!

All the best,

Melody said...

It's so good to hear that you are singing again and having fun! I hope that the radiation isn't quite as brutal as the chemo...but brutal enough to kill that cancer once and for all. :)

Any idea when we might see that new album you've been working on? Can't wait!

Annie said...

Hi Luke, It's great to hear that you had a great time being on stage again. Keep on keeping on!

Carry said...

Hi Luke, I'm glad things are going well for you. Cancer is something that can be hard to talk about. My mom got too scared when she found out she had breast cancer and wouldn't talk about it for a little while. Losing her hurt, but God was with me and she did become a Christian a few months before she passed on. Luke, I admire your strength which comes from God and I pray that disease never comes back on you. God is good!

Anonymous said...

Your performance at our high school was awesome and your message was amazing! I am so happy that you are back on stage!
Keep taking one day at a time, and I hope you and your wife and family have a great holiday season!
Mark Your favorite cousin Kohl

Anonymous said...

That Julie from Chicago?? She's the coolest woman I know...

juniemarie said...

Luke, It sounds like things are going well for you. I'm so glad you get to perform again.

And, might I say, you are one lucky guy: you got to meet Julie from Chicago. I'm looking forward to meeting her, too. Hopefully not too far in the distant future.
Julie says she loved your performance of 'o come o come emmanuel' - That is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Eeek, sorry, Luke, my listserv friends have invaded your comments section. I did a little Chapter 6 recap and commercial over there -- guess they were paying attention and came over HERE... :-)

They're all extremely kind people -- and they pray, what is more. So it's all good.

Take care... thx for the shout-out... watch your snail mail for some fan mail from daughter Alice...

julie, chicago

Anonymous said...

Keep standing, praising and enjoying all.
Hug everyone for us!
We had hoped to get to a concert while Jordan has been home on furlough, but we just got word that he has to fly out on
Dec. 21st. Time is precious as you know.
We love you.
Take care
Hugs and blessings
Chad and Bambi

Ken said...

Hey Luke,
God bless! Glad to hear you get to tour a bit with Chapter 6. I really like the title and artwork for the new album.
take care,
Ken Burger

Eric Luchetti said...

Luke, it is Eric Luchetti from Millikin (class of '01 baby!)...anyway, I just wanted to let you know you have been in my families prayers for quite some time. My family has been through a great deal with Cancer and we are currently battling a case of terminal colon cancer. You are an inspiration to my family and I am proud to say I knew you before American Idol! Hope all is well and would love to catch up soon!

Keep the faith and God bless!

Sam (from MI) said...

(ShowChoir Camp Sam) Hi Luck! Not sure if you remember me, but I wanted to drop in and say how happy I am that everything has been going so well for you. I think what you said about why you had cancer is exactly true and it's an opportunity I know you'll take!

I read that you would be performing with C6 for a few concerts in December. I plan on attending the January 13 concert at University of Michigan-Flint. I don't know if your schedule allows it but I'm hoping to see you there!

Hope the radiation goes well, and remember that you are in our prayers!

Sam (from MI) said...

...LUKE, that is. Sorry, cold fingers don't type so well, hahaa.

Anonymous said...

hi Luke, hope the weekend's shows were great, hope the radiation is not too taxing, and hope y'all are keeping warm because here in chi it is .... 10 degrees ...

still loving the cds. 'rise up shepherd' now stuck in my head, alternating w/pinball song and 'clocks'. crazy. (what's next? viva la vida? :-)

still praying, also. take care, vaya con dios....