Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's freezing

It is too cold in the midwest. Last year my wife was peforming in the Rocketts show in Florida and I was traveling back and forth from Los Angeles for Idol. I spent most of the winter last year in summer like conditions in Florida and LA. This weather has got to go.
Radiation has been very simple compared to chemo. It only takes about 3 minutes a day.
I toured with Chapter 6 this weekend and we had alot of fun on stage together. Unfortunately on Sunday I came down with flu like symptoms and had to sit out of the concert that night. I guess my immune system is not at 100% yet. I also spent some time in the hospital getting re-fueled with some fluids.
I have 11 radiation treatments left so I should be finished with everything by New Years Day.
And if the ladies from radiation are reading this.....I am looking forward to my permanent tattoos this week.
Merry Christmas!


Brian and Carrie Saunders said...

Keep warm and enjoy your tatoos:)

Anonymous said...

Luke, I am glad that you are back on the road with Chapter 6. I hope you recover from your flu quickly,and I am looking forward to spending New Years Eve with you and your BEAUTIFUL wife down hear in the Kank of Kankakee! ;o)
Only 11 more radiation left..wow you can totally do this! It has been a really long road and a bumby one at times, but GOD has seen you thru, and he has BIG plans for you! Livestrong!
Mark Your Favorite Cousin Kohl

lisa johnson said...

Luke- I missed you on Sunday at the show! I saw you afterwards when u snuck down from upstairs and went into the bathroom. Ad was talking to me about the scrapbook I made. Make sure the guys let you check out. Cant wait for you to be back in Bloomington again Ill have more stuff for the book and we can hang out again. God bless and get better Lisa Johnson

CK from MI said...

Luke, I couldn't agree more. The temps have been in the teens here & that's getting too cold for me.

Hope those IV fluids are helping you feel better and you don't get a full case of the flu. The weather's too lousy to go out anyway, so it's a great excuse to rest in front of the TV.

Glad to hear that the radiation hasn't been too bad so far. I pray that the remaining 11 go smoothly also. And, what a wonderful way to celebrate the New Year! Cancer Free & done with treatments! :-)

And a Merry Christmas to you, Lara & your families.

- CK

Susan said...

HI Luke, Hope you are soon feeling well. Only 11 more. You can do this. January 1st, new year and new health. Yes, it is COLD, COLD, COLD here in the midwest.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. BRRRRRR
Settle down w/ a great mocha latte or hot chocolate and a comfy blanket.
hugs and blessings
Chad and Bambi

idolette said...

It's snowing right now here in Eastern Pennsylvania - but I'm so used to it and absolutely LOVE it!

Either way, throw on an extra blanket, make some hot chocolate, hot tea, or coffee (whichever you prefer) and snuggle up and stay warm. Chase those nasty flu bugs away and keep a smile on your face through radiation. Not long to go now!

As always, warm wishes and lots of love!

Mazakai said...

I hope you feel better! you have to like the cold at least a little bit, though. it gives you an excuse to snuggle and be warm and lazy.

I hope your radiation continues to go well, it's probably a piece of cake compared to chemo.

stay strong and eat cookies. happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

mercy. yeah, winter is tough on a body, and traveling, and performing, and oh, yeah, that post-chemo thing, and that radiation thing, and.... it's a germy world out there, man. (lovely. but germy.)

so ... rest easy, cocoon for a while, build up your strength, keep the eyes on the finish line, and all will be well. (heck, that finish line is just the 'starting' line for the next chapter... but get yourself strong first. there's time.)

take care --

Carry said...

Hi Luke, I hope you'll feel better, I hate the winter myself. Midwest winters do stink!! I live in Iowa and the part I"m in, we are supposed to get sleet, ice and snow, kids getting out early today. Stay warm there Luke and Merry Christmas to you and Lara and your whole entire family.
PS, hope you get a chance to wish David Cook a happy birthday this weekend. God bless you!